Asylum Links

We are groups of activists and volunteers. We work in solidarity with people on the move, immigrants, and refugees. We work with any person in need of information.

We link refugees and migrants, our clients, to services in the country where they are. We collect the information our clients want to know and we run information campaigns. Our information operates as a platform for refugees and migrants to share, request, and receive information about their rights and their options for asylum or aid.

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refugees and asylum in many countries

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What do we do?

Asylum Links publishes and distribute accessible and reliable independent information. It supports people on work, visas, asylum, housing, healthcare, and education.

We DO NOT give advice on anything. We share information and show all the possible options. And we support finding professional advice.

How do we do it?

We share official or trusted documentation. We find local services that can give support. We share with people information on their options, and rights, in a country of interest.

We do individual casework for people that contact us, our clients. We find local services that can consider their case and we make sure that they get in contact with each other. We work online and we also go out and meet people wherever they are. If our clients are not happy with what the qualified person told them, we find somebody else. We also advocate for our clients and witness their living conditions.

Where do we work?

Everywhere, people can contact us from anywhere in all the languages available with online translators.

We have worked on the ground on missions for a few months in several places in Europe and West Asia.

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Asylum Links works in solidarity with migrants and refugees. It is registered in the UK, as an England and Wales Charitable Incorporate Organisation with Charity number 1181234.