How much a holiday in Thailand costs..!!

Thailand is a cheap country to live in and travel around. Travelling to Thailand can cost as little or as much as you want it to be.

This is a country that covers all budgets! This is a country where you can stay in $3 USD rooms or $1,000 USD resorts. Street food for pennies or gourmet dinners for hundreds. Expensive tours or inexperienced attractions.

How Much Do Need To Travel Thailand?

You don’t need to spend a lot of money in Thailand.

If you’re backpacking Thailand, plan to budget between 825–1150 BHT ($25–35 USD) per day. This range will get you your own room (fan only) with a shared bathroom (or a dorm room on the lower end), food from the street stalls, a couple of drinks per day, a few tours here and there, and local transportation. If you’re spending more time on the islands where things tend to be more expensive, budget towards the higher end or even upwards of $40 a day.

On a budget of around 1,650 baht ($50 USD) per day, you would be able to fly between some destinations, eat more delicious seafood dinners and international meals, take more tours and activities you wanted, sleep in air-conditioned rooms, and drink more.

If you’re looking to stay in Western hotels or expensive resorts, eat mostly Western food or in tourist areas, drink a lot, do a lot of tours, and fly a lot, you should budget 3,300–5,000 baht ($100–150 USD) per day. After that, the sky is the limit.

Throw in some extra money for shopping, and a maximum of $55 USD per day would give you a very, very nice budget vacation in Thailand. For that price, you would get:

  • Flights (so you don’t have to spend time on long bus rides)
  • Meals that include local restaurants and cheap street food, as well as delicious seafood dinners and some delicious international food in Bangkok
  • Budget guesthouses with a few “splurge” nights thrown in
  • Some tours and activities
  • A few drinks
  • A little extra wiggle room just in case

How To Save Money And Lower Your Thailand Costs.

Here are some steps you can follow-

  • Get off of the tourist trail.
  • Book tours when you arrive.
  • Eat at the street stalls.
  • Skip the Western food.
  • Negotiate with tuk-tuk drivers.
  • Limit your drinks.

Posted by- Karuna