schools in Colombia

Education System Colombia: Free Primary Schooling

Colombia is the fifth largest country in Latin America which is almost twice the size of Texas and has a population of over 46 million. If you are planning to move to Colombia than you must check the education system of Colombia to get the basics about the education system in Colombia.

In this article, we will discuss the education system in Columbia. The education system in Columbia is of 11 years which contains 5 years of elementary, 4 years of lower secondary and 2 years of upper secondary education. The basic education(elementary education) is free and compulsory too for children between the age of 5 to 15.

The Ministry of Education governs and regulates the education system in Columbia. Mostly the Ministry of Education lays the outline and learning objectives for the subject and for each grade level, but some schools are also allowed to organize their own specific study plans but that should be in accordance with community and regional needs.

Primary Education

The primary school starts for the Children of age 1 to 6.Generally children of age 1 to 6 are seen to go to a days ETA to a great day care or to the nursery school a national shortage of education facilities the Colombian government has adopted an automatic promotion policy. Despite this, many Colombians compare their standards favorably with those of America. From age 1 onwards children are seen in community daycare and nursery schools sponsored by the National Institute for Family Welfare. At age 6 they enroll at elementary school. Standards in rural areas compare badly with city ones where teachers are far better qualified.

Secondary Education

Secondary education is divided to 4 years of compulsory basic secondary education, grades 6 to 9, and 2-year non-compulsory stage known as Middle Vocational Education (Educacion Media Vocacional), grades 10 and 11. Vocational Education offers different specializations (technical, business, arts, and others, including purely academic programs), and mostly available in urban areas.

School calendar and holidays

In Colombia, there are two school calendars – A and B. The usual calendar is A, which starts at the end of January and has four academic periods, finishing in November. There are holidays for Easter, in June-July, and a week in October. All official and public schools use calendar A. Private schools tend to use calendar B, which starts at the beginning of September, and finishes in June. Both calendars have a month or month and a half of holidays for Christmas.