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If you moving in france with your kids than you must read this article related to France education system. You will get a brief idea about How french education system work and How to Apply on various schools what is the application process for admissions in France.

We know that schools play a very vital role in the overall development of kids so, choosing a perfect school is a quite tough task especially when you are moving to a new country. There are a lot of parameters which decide how you can choose a good school first you have to find a school within your budget. After that, you must be aware of the school system in France. The France education or schooling system compromises of state schoolsprivate schools, or international and bilingual schools. Let have a quick look at the overall French Education system.

French Education System

It is obvious that every school has some eligibility criteria it can be age or some tests that need to be cleared by students. The French Education System is being divided into the primary level (école), elementary or middle school (collège) and high school (lycée) and it is compulsory for all the students having age between six and 16 to attend school.

State schools in France

Most of the schools in France are state schools and the Ministry of Education is responsible for France’s state schools. The major areas where French education focuses on subjects like art and craft, sports apart from academics.

Note: All the Primary and Middle schools will be assigned to you based on where you live and somehow if you dislike or don’t want that school assigned to you and you want to send your kids in some another school outside of your area then you’ll need to have a good reason and get permission from your local mairie (town hall) and the rectorat (schools inspectorate). If you are in Paris and your child is a non-French-speaking than he/she may be sent to a school that has language integration support, if available.

How to applying for a French state school(Timings of Admission)

The registration for the French State schools begun in June of the year and if you want your child to start primary school (or earlier if you want to get to a school outside the local area), and by the end of the spring term for collège. Somehow, if your kid is arriving from somewhere else than France and is entering collège or lycée, than you will need to contact the educational district’s administrative head, the rectorat.

Document Required 

A certificate d’inscription from the local mairie (or rectorat service for secondary schools) is required. To obtain this, you will have to show all these documents:

  • Date of Birth Proof – A birth certificate, extrait de l’acte de naissance, or a livret de famille (an official French booklet of family records issued by the mairie).
  • Proof of Immunisation – a carnet de santé (an official booklet with health records from all visits to a French doctor) or another official health certificate to show that the child is immunized against diphtheria, tetanus, and polio (DTP).
  • Proof of Residence – a copy of a utility bill, rental agreement showing your home address.

Private schools in France

A huge population near about 15 percent of total French children attend private schools (écoles privées or écoles libres) throughout France. The private schools have smaller class sizes, provide more individual attention and have better facilities than state schools. The sate schools run six days a week but this private school runs from Monday to Friday.

Types of Private Schools :

State-contracted (sous contrat) private schools in France

The State-Contracted schools are run by the government. These schools are also known as sous contrat d’association schools. These private schools have to follow the French national curriculum and adhere to the same rules and regulations as state schools. 

The State-Contracted schools often offer intensive tuition for students who don’t know French. The tuition fees are much affordable (300 EUR per year) in comparison to private schools in the UK and the US. There may be other charges on top, such as registration fees and lunches. Enrolment is often first come-first served. To apply, contact the school for enrolment requirements and procedures.

Non-contracted (hors contrat) private schools in France

The private schools which are fully independently funded and are not under government control, although they do have to be registered with the Ministry of Education are fall in this category. These private schools are free to set their curriculum and they often offer a wider choice of academic subjects, as well as classes in art, culture, and sport (which state schools do not). Catholic schools, unlike state schools, can teach religious studies. Most of the international and bilingual schools with quiet expensive fee structure came into this category. If you want to apply, contact the school for enrolment requirements and procedures.

Bilingual, international and foreign schools in France

These schools in France had a wide range of options for foreign students also.

The bilingual schools with section bilingue or class bilingues. These schools mostly serve the primarily French speakers, although some teach in both French and English. The good thing about International schools is that it also offers different national sections with lessons taught in their language, literature and history of the particular country while teaching other lessons in French as well as concentrated French lessons for non-French speakers. You will also find some schools that teach solely in English.

Suggestion: If you are not planning to live in France for a very long-term, or you have children who have already completed their primary schooling and started their secondary education than you may choose an international school for continuity and language issues, instead of a bilingual school.

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So, i think this article gave you a brief description on how French Education System work and it is also very important to see the Best Time to Visit France

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