Asylum Protection In Malaysia

Malaysia is a hub for asylum, as several people migrate there every year. Do you want to apply for asylum protection in Malaysia? We have attached some sources of information for you that might be helpful for you. The chances of exploitation are high so, you must go to the right place for asylum-seeking. After, you decide you want to stay in that particular country. If you want to live in Malaysia, then you have to apply and fill the form for asylum protection. 
There is no law for refugees in Malaysia. But still, Malaysia’s hosts nearly 90,000 refugees and asylum-seekers. Out of which, 92 percent are from Myanmar. Other refugees are from various countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, and Sri Lanka. Moreover, there is an increase in the number of asylum-seekers in Malaysia by the end of 2008. As a result, the asylum registration numbers have doubled.
What is more interesting is that Malaysia is not even a part of the 1951 Refugee Convention. Therefore, currently, there is no legislative or law for dealing with refugees. So, no distinction is possible between refugees and undocumented migrants. The absence of legal advice makes asylum seekers vulnerable to human rights abuses. For any legal administration, seek help from UNHRC.
The UNHCR handles registering, interviewing, and settling asylum seekers in Malaysia.
In case you are a refugee or want to seek asylum than you should visit the UNHCR office in Malaysia. You have to visit here and fill a form. The form of asylum is free in almost every country. Also, you will get an interpreter for a translation.
Address570, Jalan Bukit Petaling, Bukit Petaling,
50460 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: +60321184800

Asylum Protection: 

The UNHRC asylum protection works with the government of Malaysia. They aim to promote clarity on the situation of refugees and asylum seekers.


They carry out every week. To register the new applications and to verify the refugee status of the old ones.


There are many government agencies, NGOs, and refugee communities for regular dialogue. They help in various legal and protection issues relating to refugees in Malaysia.


The UNHRCR verified the application of the person seeking asylum. 

How UNHCR helps refugees in Malaysia? 

It provides legal and physical protection to refugees in Malaysia. It also minimizes the threat of violence that many refugees may face.

UNHCR cooperates with many agencies as part of its humanitarian help for refugees. The UNHCR works with government agencies, donor countries, Non-Governmental Organisations, and volunteers to:

  • It provides help for refugees in many areas. They give help in areas includes:
    • Healthcare, 
    • Education, Financial support for vulnerable individuals, shelter, counseling, and other welfare needs. 
  • It provides funding for outreach and economic growth to refugee populations.
  • It also carries out detention monitoring and interventions.
  • It provides legal representation in court for offenses under the Immigration Act.
  • UNHCR carries out advocacy, training with the refugees, government, and other social partners. 
  • It mobilizes resources like corporate and public fundraising. 
  • The origination also supports durable solutions for refugees, including resettlement to countries. The comprising countries are the USA, Canada, Denmark, New Zealand, Sweden, and the Czech. 

Activities of the protection unit

The Protection Unit engages with relevant Ministries, the Judiciary, and legal fraternity.

The Immigration and Police Department resolve various legal and protection issues of refugees in Malaysia. They work to promote clarity on the situation of refugees and asylum seekers.

Where to apply for refugee status in Malaysia?

You can apply to UNHCR Registration Hotline.
The hotline is for asylum seekers in Malaysia. You can contact them through there website or the numbers given below.
refugees in Malaysia

Process for Asylum in Malaysia

You can only apply for asylum in Malaysia if you are facing any danger like :

  • Suffering from significant harm for race-related purposes in our own country. 
  • You face any danger related to race, religion, nationality, political opinion.
  • If you escape battle, persecution, or cruel and degrading treatment.

Registering as a refugee in Malaysia:

Registration is the first step in the Asylum process. In the registration verification and updating of information will happen.

You have to request an appointment with UNHCR Malaysia to apply for registration.

Individuals may register for an appointment using the contact form on this website. Please wait for UNHCR to contact you for an appointment after you have submitted your order.

All requests submitted will get a review, but UNHCR will not be able to respond immediately due to the high number of submissions. If you have already sent a request for an appointment, please do not send another request.

Appointment with UNHCR Malaysia: 

UNHCR Malaysia gets in touch with you about an appointment date. Then you can start to prepare for your meeting with them.

All people seeking asylum will be present for the processing appointment. It includes all family members or all other dependants.

All people seeking asylum will be present for the processing appointment. It includes all family members or all other dependants.

When registering, you must have accurate, honest, and full details. Incomplete or incomplete knowledge may be prejudicial to your situation.

You have to make sure you send information to all members of your family. No matter if they are in Malaysia with you, or somewhere in the country.

The members of the family include those adopted either lawfully or by tradition.

Family members also include:

  • Parents both birth or adoptive, 
  • Brothers and sisters either full, half, step or adopted, 
  • Children can be biological, adoptive, step-children, and from previous marriage or relationship.

Each registered user will get a file number. All more contact with the Office will provide the number of the register.

After registration with a UNHCR, you will get a card. The card or other documentation issued will have a validation period on it. To update your UNHCR card or paperwork before its expiry date, please contact the Office. The UNHCR card is a declaration of identity that accepts that you are under UNHCR protection. In Malaysia, it has no specific legal status and is not a passport.

How long does it take to agree on my status as a refugee?

It depends on the nature of the case since each case has to be considered separately. There are many applications received by the Agency. Hence, it may take several months to schedule an appointment or collect the results.