Banking services in Izmir, Turkey

If you live in Turkey, you can establish a bank account with any of the Turkish banks. In order to open an account, you will need a Turkish Kimlik Card (ID) or residency card, water, electricity, gas or any other utility bill under your name, and a Turkish SIM card.

Locals can apply for a Visa or a bank card, but the cards are not instantly provided; they are forwarded to the customer’s registered mailing address after about a week. With your tax number, you may establish an account in dollars, euros, or Turkish lira in any bank.

Opening a bank account in Izmir as a foreign citizen!

The steps to open a bank account in Izmir are as follows:

  • Keep an eye on the validity of your passport (not older than ten years),
  • It’s a proof of address (such as a copy of electric, water, or phone bill with your name on it),
  • From the IRS, obtain your tax identification number or your foreign national identity number.
  • Visit any Turkish bank of your choosing to create an account.

Getting a tax number in Turkey:

Visit the Turkish Treasury and produce your passport to apply for a special foreigner tax number in order to get this code

Opening a bank account in Izmir:

Unrestricted opening of a bank account in Turkey is possible for foreign nationals with a valid foreign national identity number and a work or residency permit. It is possible to open a bank account in Turkey by logging on to the official bank websites. It’s completely up to you whatever bank you want to create a bank account with, and how many accounts you want to open at once.

When opening a bank account in Izmir for a foreign firm, follow these steps:

  • Articles of incorporation for the business should be prepared.
    Completing the online application is the next step.
  • It is necessary to provide proof of the business’s registered address.
  • The tax office can provide you with your company’s tax ID number.
  • A director with signing authority should open an account with a Turkish bank.