banks in nyc

banks in nyc

When choosing a bank in NYC, students (and parents) should explore banks in their hometown first, followed by banks close to where their students will be residing while at NYU. The majority of large banks have locations throughout the boroughs, making it the most convenient option in the long run. When the student returns home for the summer and holidays, a bank in the student’s hometown and the New York City area makes it even easier for parents to make deposits and assist with transactions.

Students possessing an NYU ID card or Admissions Acceptance Letter can usually get free or low-cost checking from most banks.


Emergency Check Cashing

The Student Link Center offers an emergency personal check cashing service to NYU students enrolled in credit courses. This service is not available to SPS Non-Credit students The following check cashing policies apply:

  • Personal checks of up to $50.00 per day may be cashed at the Student Link Center located at 383 Lafayette Street. A valid New York University I.D. card must be presented at the cashier’s window.
  • If a check is returned, the student will be charged a $20.00 returned check fee and will be prevented from cashing future personal checks.

Banks in NYC

Please click on the following bank links for branch and ATM locations and input either an address or a zipcode. NYU buildings are mostly found in Manhattan’s 10012 and 10003 zip codes, as well as Brooklyn’s 11201 zip code:

The StudentLink Center

Are you looking for some extra help? NYU’s approach to student services is the StudentLink Center. Counselors are highly qualified professionals with backgrounds in Registrar, Financial Aid, Financial Education, Bursar, and international student services.

How to open a bank account in NYC?

You can also open an account with a bank that accepts IDNYC as a main form of identification, or choose a BankOn-certified account with online account opening capabilities. For a list of IDNYC banks and credit unions that offer accounts, go to

Is it possible for a foreigner to open a bank account in New York?

Foreigners demand more identification than citizens and permanent residents. A Social Security number or an individual taxpayer identification number may be required for account opening.

Is it possible to open a bank account without visiting a bank?

To open a bank account, you no longer need to go to a branch. From the convenience of your own home, you can open a bank account, deposit funds, and set up automatic payments. After you’ve applied, simply wait for your card to arrive in the mail, activate your account, and you’re ready to go.