Banks in Ukraine

All banks in Ukraine are supervised by the National Bank of Ukraine, the country’s central bank. The Ukrainian central bank is also in charge of maintaining the national currency’s stability. It carries out governmental policies on the exchange rate, credit, and money circulation, as well as other banks’ operations. Banks in Ukraine have a steady outlook, according to Moody’s Investors Service. The country’s stable prognosis is based on improved, albeit still elevated, macroeconomic stability and moderate levels of government debt, which are offset by continued governance problems, improved, but still raised, susceptibility to external shocks, and political risks.

Foreign investors lost trust in the Ukrainian economy and the country’s major banks during the 2008-09 financial crisis. As a result, they sold a large number of shares to Ukrainian businesspeople with close government links. These were offered at a very low price. Following that, the 2014 Ukrainian revolution and the Donbas conflict added to the volatility. The country’s GDP shrank by approximately 7% as a result of these two disasters. The Russian takeover of Crimea did not improve matters.

Best Banks in Ukraine


PrivatBank, which was founded in 1992, is Ukraine’s largest commercial bank in terms of assets, clients, loan portfolio, and taxes paid to the government. It was also one of the country’s earliest privately held commercial banks, and the first to issue debit cards and set up ATMs.

In 2016, the government seized PrivatBank in order to safeguard its 20 million clients and ensure financial stability. It employs about 22,000 people and has its headquarters in Dnipro. It offers banking goods and services through 2,240 branches around the nation.

Customer service: 00 380 56 716 1131

Headquarters: Kyiv, Ukraine

Founded: 1992, Ukraine


Oschadbank, also known as the State Savings Bank of Ukraine, was founded by the Ukrainian government in 1991. It employs approximately 38,000 people and has 3,650 locations to provide a variety of banking products and services.

The National Bank of Ukraine designated the bank as a Systemically Important Bank in 2015. A bank or financial institution that fails and causes a financial crisis is classified as such. The headquarters of Oschadbank is in Kyiv.

Customer service: 00 380 44 363 0133

Headquarters: Kyiv, Ukraine

Founded: December 1991


Ukreximbank, a state-owned bank headquartered in Kyiv, was founded in 1992. It was also known as the State Import-Export Bank of Ukraine, and the National Bank of Ukraine designated it as a Systemically Important Bank. It is a key player in the country’s financial industry, lending and borrowing money from international financial institutions. The bank employs around 3,125 people and has 22 branches and 38 operational outlets.

Headquarters: Kyiv, Ukraine

Founded: January 1992