Banks in Uruguay

The Banco Central del Uruguay institutions and banks in Uruguay are regulated and supervised by this agency. It’s also in charge of following the law when it comes to money, credit, and currency exchange. The financial system of Uruguay is heavily reliant on banks, offshore banks, foreign banks, and representative offices, all of which must obtain a license from the central bank to operate within the country.

Banco de la República Oriental del Uruguay

The bank that is owned by the government The Banco de la Repblica Oriental del Uruguay, generally known as Banco Repblica or BROU, is Uruguay’s largest bank by customer base. The bank, which was founded in 1896, is now a major player in the country’s financial market.

The first deposit was made by Juan Idiarte Borda, the country’s president at the time, when BROU opened in October 1896. The bank’s headquarters are in Montevideo, and it employs approximately 3,978 people.

Banco Santander Uruguay S.A.

Banco Santander Uruguay began operations in 1978 and now has over 30 branches to provide a comprehensive range of loan solutions to people and businesses. It employs roughly 220 people and is based in Montevideo.

Citibank N.A. Sucursal Uruguay

Banco Santander Uruguay began operations in 1978 and presently has over 30 branches to serve people and businesses with a complete choice of lending solutions. It is based in Montevideo and employs approximately 220 people.

Banco Hipotecario del Uruguay

The Uruguayan Mortgage Bank, or Banco Hipotecario del Uruguay, was established as an autonomous governmental agency in 1892. It is today a state-owned bank and one of the most important players in the Uruguayan mortgage market.

Banque Heritage (Uruguay) S.A.

Banque Heritage (Uruguay) S.A., based in Montevideo, was founded in 1981 and was previously known as Banco Surinvest S.A. before changing its name in 2011. HFT International (Guernsey) Lt. owns the bank, which offers private and commercial banking services as well as long-term foreign and local currency issues.

Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria Uruguay S.A.

Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria Uruguay S.A. specializes in wholesale banking and provides a comprehensive range of banking services to people and businesses in Uruguay. The bank was founded in 2002 as a subsidiary of Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, S.A. Montevideo is where the company’s headquarters are located.