banks in uzbekistan

Banks in Uzbekistan

Banks in Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan is a former Soviet country in Central Asia. Mosques, mausoleums, and other sites associated with the Silk Road, a historical trade route connecting China and the Mediterranean, are well-known. The Registan, a plaza ringed by three beautiful, mosaic-covered religious schools dating from the 15th and 17th centuries, is a hallmark of Islamic architecture in Samarkand, an important city on the route.

Which banks are active in Uzbekistan?

Banks in the area

  1. Uzbekistan’s National Bank for Foreign Economic Activities.
  2. Aloqabank JSCB.
  3. JSCB Universalbank is a bank based in Japan.
  4. Uzpromstroybank JSC.
  5. JSCB Invest Finans Bank is a financial institution based in Japan.
  6. JSCB Qishloq Qurilish Bank is a branch of the JSCB Qishloq Qurilish Bank.
  7. JSCB Trustbank is a financial institution based in Japan.

What currencies should you bring to Uzbekistan?

The most generally recognized foreign currency is the US dollar. Only use official exchange booths to exchange money. It is unlawful to exchange money on the black market, and those caught will face severe consequences. Banknotes that are damaged or marked will not be accepted at official exchange centers.

Which bank is the best in Uzbekistan, which bank is the best?


ASIA ALLIANCE BANK has been named the best bank in Uzbekistan among Asian-Pacific banks. According to Global Finance, an internationally respected financial newspaper, ASIA ALLIANCE BANK was named the top bank in Uzbekistan on March 19, 2018.

How many banks are there in Uzbekistan?

The banking system of Uzbekistan includes the Central Bank and 30 commercial banks (3 state-owned banks, 13 joint stock banks, 5 banks with foreign capital, and 9 private banks), which have an extensive network of branches and mini-banks nationwide (over 4600 branches and retail offices). 

Is it possible for foreigners to open a bank account in Uzbekistan?

Non-residents are now permitted to create bank accounts in Uzbekistan in both foreign and national currencies, according to the New Law. Non-resident legal entities must, nonetheless, operate (conduct out activities) in Uzbekistan.

How can I open a bank account in Uzbekistan?

  1. application for opening an account;
  2. a copy of the certificate of assignment of the taxpayer identification number;
  3. a copy of the license issued by the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan for banking operations;
  4. a card with samples of signatures and a seal impression.

What is the Uzbekistan currency?

Uzbekistani soʻm
Banks in Uzbekistan