Beautiful places in Venezuela that you want to visit

Venezuela is a country with diverse culture on the North coast of South America. It is a country with spectacular scenery, from the beaches to the tops of mountains. Take a look at the list of best places in Venezuela you can visit and explore. These are Venezuela beautiful places that you must visit. 

  1. The Drowned Church of Potosi
  2. Valencia’s Aquarium
  3. Coromoto Ice Cream Shop
  4. Teleferico de Caracas
  5. San Esteban National Park
  6. National Pantheon of Venezuela
  7. Museum of Contemporary Art in Caracas
  8. Mount Roraima
  9. Mochima National Park
  10. Medanos de Coro National Park
  11. Angel Falls
  12. Morrocoy National Park

Beautiful places in Venezuela

Here is a list of five beautiful places in Venezuela that you might want to visit.

1. Angel Falls

venezuela beautiful places

The falls lie in an isolated jungle. It is the highest waterfall in Venezuela with an altitude of 979 metres. The fall is the tallest uninterrupted waterfall in the world. The falls name Angel Falls after a US aviator was the first person in the mid-20th century to fly over the falls.

In the Canaima National Park, the fall drops over the edge of the Auyan-tepui mountain. 

You can swim in the beautiful pool underneath the waterfall !!

2. Roraima

venezuela beautiful places
Mount Roraima

Roraima is one of the highest tepuis in Canaima National Park. It is a famous popular hiking destination.

Roraima is an island in the sky that has been intriguing people for centuries. With its bizarre rock formations, waterfalls, and meat-eating plants. 

Mount Roraima is a tepui shared by three Venezuelan, Brazilian and Guyanese countries. Hiking through Venezuela’s Gran Sabana takes up Mount Roraima in two to three days.

Location: Venezuela/Brazil/Guyana

3. Orinoco Delta


venezuela beautiful places

Orinoco Delta is an area of uninhabited tropical lowland grasslands in eastern Venezuela. The Mariusa National Park lies within the delta. A rich fauna diversity is to occupy this thick forest that sweeps out from every riverbank. That includes ocelots, spider monkeys, tapirs, anteaters, howler monkeys, snakes and alligators. 

LocationDelta Amacuro, Monagas & Sucre, Venezuela.

4. Mochima National Park

venezuela beautiful places
Mochima National Park

This park covers a portion of the coast and a chain of offshore islands east of Puerto La Cruz to Cumaná. The main attractions here are the beaches and diving.

The area surrounding the park is very calm as Morrocoy it doesn’t see even the volume of traffic. It is a good option for people who happen to be in this area or heading out to the Paria Peninsula.

Location: Parque Nacional Mochima, Mochima 6101, Sucre, Venezuela.

5. Coromoto

venezuela beautiful places

Coromoto, which is known as Heladería Coromoto, is an ice cream parlour in Merida, Venezuela. 

It is famous for having a Guinness World Record of 860 flavours. The actual Guinness World Record is 985 flavours held by Matt and Mike Casarez USA.

Manuel da Silva Oliveira is the founder of Coromoto. He started his ice cream career at well-established ice cream companies. Coromoto markets under conditions such as temperature 60 different ice cream flavours. Coromoto is named a popular tourist destination by Lonely Planet Venezuela.

Location: Calle 29 Zea, Mérida 5101, Mérida, Venezuela


These are the brief description of some best places in Venezuela you can visit.

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