Best banks in Ghana

Some of the best banks in Ghana are:

  • Agricultural Development Bank
  • GCB Bank Limited
  • Ecobank Ghana (EBG)
  • Zenith Bank of Ghana
  • Absa Bank Ghana Limited
  • Société Générale Ghana
  • Fidelity Bank of Ghana

There are 32 private banks in Ghana’s banking and financial business. The central monetary authority of Ghana is the Bank of Ghana. The Ghanaian central bank, which was established in 1957, controls financial institutions and banks in Ghana. It also supervises monetary policies and provides advice to the government on how to implement them.

Best banks in Ghana

In this scenario, the term “best” is subjective because everyone has their own viewpoint. This list of banks in Ghana covers some of the finest banks in Ghana, according to Ghanaians.

ADB (Agricultural Development Bank)

ADB is one of the banks controlled by Ghana’s government, which owns slightly more than half of the bank’s shares (52 percent). The bank has its headquartered in Accra, Ghana’s capital.

In 1965, the Agricultural Development Bank (ADB) was established by an Act of Parliament to address the financial needs of Ghana’s agricultural industry. After receiving full commercial banking capabilities in 1970, the bank renamed itself Agricultural Credit and Co-operative Bank.

The government-owned development and commercial bank is headquartered in Accra and manages a network of 64 service outlets around the country, including 50 branches, 10 agency offices, and four Farm Loan Offices. It has 1,489 employees.

Bank GCB

GCB Bank Limited, headquartered in Accra, changed its name from Ghana Commercial Bank to its current name in 2013. The Bank of the Gold Coast was established in 1953 to serve local commerce, businesses, and farmers. Customers include individuals, small and medium-sized businesses, parastatal organizations, and major corporations, and it currently offers a wide range of financial goods and services.

In 2016, the bank employed 2.437 people across the country, with 180 branches and 11 agencies.

Ecobank Ghana

Ecobank offers a wide range of banking products and services. It employs over 900 workers across 53 branches in Ghana. As of 2011, it had 1.68 billion GHS in deposits, 843 million GHS in loans, and 2.1 billion GHS in total assets.

Zenith Bank Ghana

Zenith Bank Ghana is a subsidiary of Zenith Bank Plc, a multinational financial services firm headquartered in Nigeria. In 2005, the bank launched its universal banking operation, providing top-tier banking services to people and businesses across the country.

Zenith has 34 commercial locations (branches and agencies) as well as a number of POS terminals and ATMs, all of which are based in Accra. It’s also one of Ghana’s banks that offers mobile banking and real-time internet banking.

Absa Bank Ghana

Absa Bank Ghana Limited, formerly Barclays Bank Ghana, was founded in 1917 and provides personal banking products and services to consumers in Ghana. It also offers enterprises and corporate clients corporate, treasury, and retail products and services.

The financial services company operates a nationwide network of more than 70 service locations, including 52 branches, three Premier suites, eight Prestige Centers, four agencies, and 164 ATMs.

Société Générale Ghana

In 1977, Société Générale Ghana (SG), previously Société Générale – Social Security Bank (SG-SSB), began operations as one of Ghana’s banks. The bank was founded in 1975 under the name Security Guarantee Trust Limited and is now a part of the Société Générale banking group.

Following Société Générale’s acquisition of a 51 percent controlling stake in the financial services provider, the bank changed its name to SG-SSB in 2004. After receiving shareholder approval in 2013, the company changed its name to its current one in 2013.

It has 42 branches in Ghana and is headquartered in Accra.

Fidelity Bank

Fidelity Bank has developed to become Ghana’s top commercial bank.

In 2006, Fidelity Bank of Ghana, originally Fidelity Discount House, was granted a commercial banking license. Personal, business and wholesale banking goods and services are available through the bank. Its Financial Inclusion Directorate unit serves Ghana’s unbanked and underbanked population as the country’s fastest-growing indigenous bank.

The bank, which is headquartered in Accra, has over 80 branches and 112 ATMs in Ghana.

CAL Bank

CAL Bank was founded in 1990 and is a commercial bank. It is regarded as one of the most innovative banks by financial experts and the general public. CAL Banks has 558 million GHS in customer deposits and 843 million GHS in total assets as of 2012.

Access Bank (Ghana)

Access Bank is part of the larger Access Bank Group, which is headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. Other African countries where the financial behemoth has set up shop include East Africa, Central Africa, and West Africa.

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