Best oil-free moisturizers for summers in India

Is your skin oily or acne-prone? If yes, then you should try oil-free moisturizers this summer. The sebaceous glands secrete the oils. You can thus try to reduce oil formation. By only using face creams for oily skin. If your skin is oily, this doesn’t mean your skin is no longer needs hydration.

Best oil-free moisturizers for summers in India

For the skin susceptible to acne and the oily face, facial creams are also required. More oil arrives in the summer when the climate is hot and humid. You need a cream that balances the oil. This post would be very useful if you are searching for the right facial creams.

1. Mamaearth Oil-free face moisturizer

The Oil-Free Face Moisturizer of Mamaearth balances the skin’s pH level. Also, contributes to the reduction of breakouts. It provides durable moisture and preserves the skin’s natural moisture. The skin has a creamy, soft, and elastic feeling. It removes oil from deep pores and battles with current acne and pimples. It seals pores to avoid further breakdowns. This non-greasy recipe is free of chemicals such as silicone, Parabens, SLS, and hazardous substances.

2. Aroma Magic Juniper Berry Oil-free Moisturizer

It is the cheapest, safest hydrator for skin that is susceptible to oily acne under 200. You should try this because you have held away moisturizers that believe your oily skin doesn’t require one. Its water-like serum hydrates the skin from the inside and makes the skin on the outside matte. It includes Berry Juniper, Cuco Extracts, Vera Aloe, and much more. This is a very lightweight hydrating agent.


Pleasant to the budget.
The pump dispenser is great packaging.
Water absorbs rapidly like texture.
It is best for skin oily and summers.
Has SPF 15 adding to protection from sunlight.
Petrochemical, silicone, and other bad chemicals are there. Free.
Free of Cruelty.

3. Soultree Moisturising Gel

Soultree is a registered natural skincare company that is really trustworthy and hence you do not have to think about its purity. The Moisturizing Gel Tulsi’s & Sandalwood is one of the best moisturizing agents for dry skin and open pores, tightening skin and reducing pores, giving the skin a matte finish. The meditation and firing of this gel would be loved by a very oily skin kind.


BDIH, Germany Certified Natural.
Vegetarian and Cruelty-Free 100 percent.
Prepared to smooth the skin with a conventional ayurvedic recipe.
Contains powerful herbs, such as Neem, Tulsi, Sandalwood & Honey. Lodhra and Aloe Vera.
It has a new herbal scent.
Only very oily forms of skin are suitable.
Acne and sebum excess controls manufacture.

4. The face Shop Soothing Gel

Damyang Bamboo Gel is a unique Indian industry ingredient. Bamboo Extracts is a big, skin-healing antioxidant that soothes and soothes irriterous skin. The Damyang Bamboo Gel Face Shop is a really good soothes gel that soothes oily skin. Often ideal for use after sunlight and after grooming as a hair remover. It is also multi-functional. You get an amazing 300 ml pot, so it’ll last you long.


99% bamboo extract.
The perfect strength of gel that easily spreads.
Skin irritating hydrates & soothes.
Matt soft finish.
Material multifunctional.


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