Best places to stay in DRC

The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is not only the second-largest country in Africa, but it is also one of the most resource-rich countries on this planet and has an abundance of gold, tantalum, tungsten, and tin. If you have planned to visit DRC, check the best places to stay and enjoy your trip. 

As a tourist to the DRC, you will spend time ascending to high heights for spectacular vistas, getting up and personal with some of the world’s most unique wildlife, and wading through dense, damp rainforests in quest of adventure.

Best places to stay in DRC

These are the best places to stay in DRC:

Fleuve Congo Hotel by Blazon Hotels

The Fleuve Congo Hotel has an accessible WiFi facility throughout the hotel area, and it also has a tennis court and an outdoor swimming pool. The hotel also offers airport shuttle services to its guests. The hotel is just 9 minutes from Symphonie des Arts, and the N’djili International Airport is just 45 minutes from the place.

Location: 119 Boulevard Colonel Tshatshi, Kinshasa, Congo – Kinshasa

Phone+243 808 500 600

Kin Plaza Arjaan

The Kin Plaza Arjaanis located just 400 m from the Embassy of France in Kinshasa. It is in a prime location, and the Embassy of Britain is just 2 km from Kin Plaza Arjaan by Rotana, and the Embassy of the United Nations is just 1.6 km from the property. The hotel has a restaurant and bar and provides its guests with accessible WiFi. The hotel has a fitness and sauna center with an accessible private parking facility.

Location B.P. 288, 1 Avenue De l’Uganda, Kinshasa, Congo – Kinshasa

Phone+243 818 978 888

Hotel Memling

The Hotel Memling is located in Kinshasa and is just 10 min drive from the National Museum of Congo. The hotel offers free WiFi, and you can enjoy swimming as it features an outdoor swimming pool. The hotel has a sun terrace, fitness center, and private parking facility. Hotel Memling also has a bar apart from the restaurant. The nearest airport is Ndjili International Airport, 23 km away from the property,y and offers airport shuttle services to its guests.

Location: Avenue Rep Du Tchad, Kinshasa, Congo – Kinshasa

Phone+243 817 001 111

Pullman Kinshasa Grand Hotel

The Pullman Kinshasa Grand Hotel is a 5-star hotel located in the Gombe area of the city of Kinshasa. The hotel offers a magnificent view of the Congo River. The N’Djili International Airport is 25 km away from the hotel.

Location: 4, Avenue des Batetela, Kinshasa 9535, Congo – Kinshasa

Phone+243 858 000 111

Is it safe to visit DRC?

Parts of the DRC may be visited securely. Goma, Virunga National Park, Bukavu in the east, and Kinshasa in the west, are the safest and most visited locations in the country. Given that there are still severe security dangers for tourists in the DRC, it’s advisable to visit with a tour operator that knows how to keep you safe.

Because the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where Virunga is located, is still threatened by armed rebel groups, tour providers will arrange for armed guards to accompany visitors at all times.

Best places to explore in DRC!

Currently, only a few parts of the DRC are accessible to tourists. One of these is the magnificent Virunga National Park, home to around one-quarter of the world’s critically endangered mountain gorillas. This is Africa’s oldest national park, known for its dense forest, towering mountain peaks, and ancient marshes. Kinshasa, the DRC’s capital and the world’s second-biggest French-speaking city, is located on the country’s western border.

It is recognized as the “Heart of Central African Music,” and the clubs in Bandal and Matonge are worth a visit to experience the local nightlife. Following the turmoil of Kinshasa, a popular stopover is the crescent-shaped Tchegera Island in Lake Kivu, which is ideal for a couple of days of relaxation or kayaking on the lakes.