Best shopping malls in Germany

The best shopping malls in Germany are the Mall of Berlin, Europa Passage, Aquis Plaza, and Europa Passage. I have searched the most reviewed shopping centers in Germany on Google Maps. And I read their reviews to see what you can find there.

You can go shopping in Germany in places other than Berlin, Hamburg, or Munich. These days, malls are more than just places to shop. They’re also places to have fun, with movie theaters, bars, restaurants, and play areas for kids. 

Have a great time shopping in Germany!

How to find shopping malls in Germany

To find the best shopping malls, you can look at any map app. I searched “best shopping malls in Germany” in English on Google Maps, and this is what I found.

Shopping malls in Germany

If you are searching for malls and want to explore the malls in Germany, I have included the list below. Most malls are open seven days a week, from Monday to Sunday. I have selected below a list of the best-reviewed shopping centers in Germany on Google Maps.

Mall of Berlin

The brand-new and fabulous Mall of Berlin is located in the middle of Leipziger Platz, right next to Potsdamer Platz. An overall classy atmosphere can be found in a place with shops, restaurants, flats, a hotel, businesses, and an exercise center. It is undoubtedly one of Germany’s best shopping centers.

Aquis Plaza

Aquis Plaza is a luxury mall with 130 name shops and enough parking. This enormous mall has a 3D guidance system to help you find your way. A vast food court has several restaurants, diners, and vendors serving delicious local, fast, halal, and international cuisines. This family-friendly mall has a playground, child vehicle rental, and other facilities.


The MyZeil Mall in Frankfurt, Germany, has the 42-meter-long Europe’s biggest indoor elevator. It has over 100 shops spread out over five floors, as well as places to eat and shop. It’s a popular place to shop, with 15 million people a year. The 77,000-square-meter mall has six floors with parking, shops, an exercise center, play areas for kids, and places to relax. While in Germany, you have to go there.

Gesundbrunnen-Center Berlin

With 100+ premium retailers, great eating, and free parking, Gesundbrunnen-Center Berlin has been one of Germany’s best malls for 20 years. Buy Jack and Jones and H&M at great prices.

Altmarkt-Galerie Dresden

Altmarkt-Galerie Mall is close to Dresden’s most famous sights, such as Frauenkirche and Zwinger. It has more than 200 stores from around the world, great restaurants, and underground parking. A place that people in Dresden must see!

Europa Passage

The center is urban and open, with name-brand stores, restaurants from around the world, services, and a food store. You can’t be in the middle of Hamburg and not go through the Europa Passage. It forms the heart of the city.

What to buy in Germany

Germany is a well-known tourist spot that is full of Europe’s history and culture. Its beautiful buildings, scenery, people, and food all draw people in. When you want to buy something, this store really does have a mix of old and new styles. People think of Germany as a fairy tale land with beautiful streets and castles, but they also think of it as a busy shopping paradise that no tourist should miss.

Perfume 4711

You may choose your characteristic aroma from the bitter orange tree’s leaves, blooms, and branches by visiting shop 4711 in the city of Cologne, Germany.

Jagermeister liquor

People in Germany like a lot of tasty drinking drinks, so you don’t have to worry about what to buy there. Germans love their drinks and gifts. For just 6 EUR, you can get Berliner Luft liquor, which is made from 56 Alpine herbs and spices, and Jagermeister liquor, which costs 16 to 20 EUR.

Source: Shopping malls in Germany on Google Maps

Photo by Alesia Kozik on Pexels.


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