best time to go to thailand

Best time to go to Thailand

Thailand is also known as the Land of the Smiles. The gems of Southeast Asia. People are very nice in the country and will accept you as a family member. Thailand is one of the most popular places to visit. It is on the list of almost 8 out of 10 countries to visit. The country you visit during the year in Thailand. You can opt to several places at the time that suits you.

When is the best time to go to Thailand?

Between late November and early December and late March the best time to go into Thailand. You should schedule your trip based on your journey. The months December to February are perfect when it comes to sightseeing. It is preferable to go around January and April for swimming and sunbathing as the sun is clear. In most areas of Thailand, the rainy season begins again in July to October.

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Travel Seasons of Thailand

Thailand is a place where you can spend the whole year.
Everyone wants to get away from crowding and spend time peacefully. Often the trip to Thailand is at its height and the crowd will be around. It would be helpful to compare the seasons of travel. This will help you escape the mob and take full advantage of your ride.

Thailand’s best time for good weather:

Thailand is a rainy land with an average winter. It is at 26-28 degrees Celsius and 32-40 degrees Celsius in summer. The rainy season is between June and October in the north. And the west and November and March in the east. In December, January and February the best weather is usually found.

The best times for booking Thailand’s hotels

China’s New Year, kin jay festivals, and the months of December and January – are early on in booking. The best hotels in Thailand. Try to book rooms for the high season at least 2-3 months ahead. For the low season around 1-2 months ahead of time.

Best Time For Surfing

The perfect time to surf is if you are looking to go to the east or west coast in Thailand. The waves are smaller, particularly good for beginners and longboarders (about 3-10 feet). It is a great time to browse the West Coast from April to October and the East Coast from October to December. In many islands, but, the coastal reef is shallow, which can be dangerous below mid-tide.

Best time for swimming and snorkeling

Thailand has a great possibility of swimming and snorkeling all year except the rainy season. The best time, particularly around Andaman islands, is from November to April.

Best time for hiking

For Thailand’s hiking/trekking, cooler months from October to February are preferable. Although walking is possible throughout the year, summers can get hot here. So bring a lot of water, sunscreen, and mosquito repellent. You should beat the heat of the afternoon early in the morning.

Best time for whales and dolphin watching

The east coast of the Gulf of Thailand is home to whales. Between September and December, Bryde’s whales come to Bangkok to feed plentiful anchovies. The Chao Phraya River can also currently seen splashing river dolphins with rounded foreheads.

The best time to fish

Thailand can get fished year-round. With various fish biting on the larger coast and off the islands at various times. The rainy season for fishing is great. The freshwater fish of Thailand get classified in particular. Besides the species of fish, native species are common.
Such as Giant Mekong Catfish, Barramundi, Siamese Carp, and Giant Snakehead. Fisheries vary from parks to resorts, wetlands, reservoirs, dams, and rivers.

Best time to avoid people

April, May, September, and October are the quietest months for visitors. Late August, excluding European travelers, is also fairly quiet.

Best time for the holiday

Thailand is a perfect holiday destination during the year. Its tropical beaches and sunny weather, except during the summertime. Rains tend to fall in brief explosions at the start and end of the monsoon which dries. The easiest time to marry on the western coast is November-February. And on the eastern coast June-September.

The best time to track whale off the sides of your ship

From September to December, but November to January is also the most expensive time. The rainy season begins and finishes are the perfect time for cruise deals.

Best Time For Purchasing Airplane Tickets

Airline ticket prices depend on the season, festivals, activities, and exhibitions. Best time for purchases. Generally speaking, booking one to three months in advance gives the best cost. The best deals six weeks in advance. Exceptions for Chinese New Year and December-January reservations. It is best to book as early as you can during these times.

Bangkok’s Best Time to Thailand

Bangkok is a big urban center worth visiting all year round unless the rainfall is heavy in September and October. However, it is a perfect time to visit from November to February, with a decrease in rain and cooler weather (average high temperatures range of 27 °C to 29 °C). Visit the rainy season, and enjoy the many things the city has to offer if it is pouring out, is a smart idea to make excellent deals in the hotel rooms.

Phuket’s best time to visit

Phuket is the best time between November and April. The weather is mild and perfect for beach and water activities. Phuket’s daily highs range from 31°C to 34°C in the summer, warmer and colder, but cooler in the winter. The monsoon season lasts from May till October. Hotels offer excellent rates, although the water may be harmful in times of storms.

The eastern coast is more peaceful all year round. High season, with largest occupancy and prices from December to March. The low season is May to October when moisture is very high. The room rates are low. The best time to capture whales in the Thailand Gulf of Phuket is September and December.

Chiang May’s Best Time

From December through January, the peak touristic season in Chiang Mai. The best months to visit the hill station are November and February to enjoy the weather.
The cool and pleasant weather over these four months is complemented by a light breeze.
During winter temperature range from 10°C to 30°C.

The summer season in Chiang Mai is between May, Monsoon between June and October. And winter (November to February). In the summer, temperatures will rise to 40 °C and become hot and wet. The months of the monsoon are colder, and the short rainfall can be cool. Yet it is a fun time to visit the thin crowds and the washed green foliage. Thai festivals and the Flower Festival (First Weekend February) in particular, Songkran, Loi Krathong (Mid-April), and Chiang Mai come alive (usually in November).

Krabi’s best time

Krabi is situated in Southern Thailand. It offers outstanding natural beauty national parks, pristine beaches, islands. The best time to visit Krabi is November to March, where the monsoon ends, and in summer. Temperatures vary from 22 °C to 32 °C.

High or Peak Season (November to March)

It is the time of the year when tourism is at its height. After the rain ends and the weather is very clear the summer begins at the end of November. The time is up to the end of March and the beginning of April. Most people visit Thailand during festivals such as Christmas, the New Year, and the Chinese New Year. The flight and the prices of the hotel are currently the most costly. So book your tickets and your hotels in advance if you intend to now.

Shoulder or Mid Season (September to October)

The Shoulder season begins at the end of August. The beginning of September and continues through to the end of October. The monsoon begins to leave at the end of August, and the temperature is not too warm. You should predict a rain shower that helps to cool down the weather. Now the price of the hotel and flight is not much higher. There are also less crowded other attractions such as beaches. This is also the perfect time to surf and dive on Thailand’s west coast.

Low or Off-Peak Season (May to September)

The low season begins in early May and continues until the end of August. The summer in Thailand is warm. It is a temperature of up to 45°C. You can do many things in Thailand in the summer at this very high temperature. There are still many choices that countries can bring to you for indoor activities. The rainy season begins after summer and heavy rainfalls occur in Thailand. During this time, some of you will find a way to Thailand. The key attractions and the beaches are deserted so that you can have a nice time. Flight and hotel reservations during the duration are also much cheaper. This will save you a lot of money on your visit.

Weather for Month in Thailand

January in Thailand

It is one of the coolest Thai months. Temperatures lie between the lowest of 20s to the lowest of 30s (C). Most of the places and with a smallest of 10-15oC, the coldest of Chiang Mai. Rain is uncommon. It’s rare. This is the country’s highest holiday season, and all are full. In the evening, a light sweater or jacket is preferred. (Average temperature of the water 28oC.

February in Thailand

The average temperatures in February are close to around 22-32oC in January. Thailand’s weather for February is similar. The probability of rain in the north rises as it falls to the south. In southeast and southwestern Thailand, the weather is excellent. In the mid-20s, there was plenty of sunshine and temperature.

March in Thailand

Thailand’s summer precursor in March is fast growing. It is also the start of the shoulder season, especially on the islands. It’s quite dry and a nice time to dive off the west shore. (The average temperature of 26 – 31oC, even though it can go up to 35oC during the day.

April in Thailand

High humidity, hot and oppressive. As the monsoon approaches, the south and east side may be a little colder, and a shower in the west. Except that the average temperature is 29-34°C.
But the temperature will rise above 35oC in different locations.

May in Thailand

May be a little colder, but also oppressive, and the heavy rainfall increases dramatically moisture. With many sunny days, crowds are small. Thailand is nearly dry to the north and east. (Average temperature 28-34oC, but may be higher than 35oC in some areas.

June in Thailand

Thailand’s May weather: May be a little colder, but also oppressive, and the heavy rainfall increases dramatically moisture. With many sunny days, crowds are small. Thailand is nearly dry to the north and east. (Average temperature 28-34oC, but may be higher than 35oC in some areas.

Weather in July

The monsoon covers almost the entire region, and the west coast is highly rainy. The weather is close to May’s otherwise. (Average 28-34oC temperature but can vary in several places over 34oC. Average 30oC water temperature).

Weather in August

The largest rainfall in North and West Thailand and the sun and dry East Coast is in August. The amount of moisture is very high.

Weather in September

Because of strong rainfall and stormy seas. Beach conditions are poor throughout the region. It is unstoppable that crowds are thin and robberies will hire lodging.

Weather in October

Rains and humidity begin to decrease. The cool effect of the beginning of winter is starting in northern Thailand. The south is already very hot and wet.

Weather in November

There are east islands like Koh Samui and Koh Pha Ngan in the wettest, but the rest is pretty dry and cool. It’s also the beginning of Thailand’s peak season.

Weather in December

December is one of Thailand’s best months, with minimal rain and sunny and nice daylight. The south-east has rainfall, but in this period the west coast is ideal. On the north at night, a light sweater may be recommended. (Mid-range 30oC. Mid-range waters of 28oC.)

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