Best Time To Visit and Explore Democratic Republic Congo

The best time to visit and explore Democratic Republic Congo is during the dry season from May to September, and with July the driest month, followed by June. The temperature drops slightly during these months. There is also a shorter dry time period in the month of January and February. As much of Central Africa DRC is generally overcast with oppressive humidity. The higher regions of Virunga and Nyiragongo Volcano will provide you welcome relief from the arrogance. And Ofcourse, you don’t need to worry about avoiding ‘peak tourist season’ in DRC; the crowds have yet to arrive.

Things To Do:

  • Nyiragongo is one of the world’s most active volcanoes, and overnight hikes will take you up to its 3,470m peak for astounding views over the surrounding landscape and the town of Goma.
  • DRC may be virtually landlocked, but there are plenty of opportunities to take to the water. You can cruise the Congo River upstream from Mbandaka to Kisangani, much like the intrepid explorers of old.

Temperature-wise, DRC’s located in the equatorial position and have thick and tangled forests means the weather is almost always warm and humid. The drier months of June to September are the coolest, with daytime temperatures of 25 degrees Celsius. As the rains come, temperatures steadily increase and can reach the mid-30s.

Overall the Democratic Republic of the Congo Travel Experience by Season

Fall (March through May)

Humidity and temperatures combine to make this season feel hot and warm. Range from 90.6°F  and 83.9°F  with similar temperatures in the later months. Rainfall is rare of 1 to 6 days of significant precipitation per month. Fall is the slowest for traveling and tourism, which makes it a good time for those looking for deals.

Winter (June through August)

The  months in middle-year have very comfortable weather with high temperatures that are comfortable. These months see the least rainfall with about 0 days of precipitation per month. June – August is the second busiest season for traveling and tourism in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, so lodging and other accommodations can be cost slightly more.

Spring (September through November)

Spring daily highs range from 88.1°F (31.2°C) and 83°F (28.3°C), which will feel very nice given the humidity and wind. It rains or snows a normal amount: 2 to 6 days per month. Tourism is fairly slow during these months due to the weather, so hotels may be lower priced.

Summer (December through February)

This weather is perfect  time of year in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to be enjoyable for warm weather tourist. The average high temperature during this season is between 88.1°F  and 83.9°F . On average, it rains or snows a smalll amount approximately for 1 to 5 times per month. These times of year are the most busiest with tourists due to moderate tempearture.

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