Best Time To Explore and Visit Iraq

Best Time to Visit and Explore Palestine

Best time to visit Palestine

The best time to explore and visit is from March to May and from September to November. When the weather is warm, sunny and mostly dry. The summer months of June to August are notoriously hot; avoid strenuous activity during the day.

The month from December to February is generally wet and cold. Although you can also get some reasonable bargains, The month of Christmas is very busy with thousands heading to Bethlehem for Christmas Mass.

Palestine international airports

Palestine has no airport. It is possible to set foot in either via Jordan, or from Tel Aviv in Israel, which is approximately of around a one-hour drive from Jerusalem.

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Palestine is a region of mild climate, even in winter the average temperatures is between 9 and 18 ° C, although this season can be rainy and cold in some areas. The summers are dry and warm, especially inland, and the maximum temperatures range from 26 to 30 ° C on average. But the most enjoyable season to visit the country is spring.

Things to do

  • Jerusalem is obviously a highly inescapable place: as important for Muslims as for Christians and Jews, the city offers monuments that are the symbols of each of these religions. Wailing Wall, Esplanade of the Temple, Omar Mosque, Al-Aqsa Mosque, Christ’s Tomb, Via Dolorosa, so many places full of faith and history.
  • The city of Jericho is located on the bank of the Jordan River. Renowned for being one of the oldest cities in the world, it is the site of many excavation sites, and you can admire the Hisham Palace, the synagogue, the Quarantine, the ramparts and the round tower.
  • Other cities to see: Hebron with its old town and its crafts as well as the tomb of the Patriarchs; Nablus with its streets, its stalls and its souk, its factories of soap, of sweets or spices; Ramallah, very lively and full of contrasts, and where stands the mausoleum of Yasser Arafat.

Festivals & Cultural Events

Most visitors to Palestine do not realize that in addition to the actual sites and shrines to visit, there are many cultural and musical activities taking place on almost every weekends. Check local listing for the latest listings. Besides these regular activities, there are numerous annual festivals that take place throughout the year each providing their own unique experience to locals and visitors alike. So you can also visit Palestine in the month of festivals and events.

  1. Al-Kasaba International Film Festival (KIFF)
  2. Artas Lettuce Festival
  3. Bird Migration Festival
  4. Birzeit Heritage Week
  5. Canaan / PFTA Olive Harvest Festival
  6. Christmas Bazar
  7. Christmas Celebrations Program 2013/2014 – Bethlehem
  8. Contemporary Dance Festival
  9. Fête de la Musique
  10. International Puppet Festival

1. Al-Kasaba International Film Festival (KIFF)Image result for Al-Kasaba International Film Festival (KIFF)

The International Film Festival began in 2006 and works to promote intercultural dialogue and cultural diversity while helping to create adequate conditions for the development of cultural activities through regional and international networking.


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