Best travel agencies in Canada

While traveling in a foreign country, travel agencies play an essential role. They become our mediators to travel in an unknown land. People traveling to Canada often wonder which parts to cover. Canada is famous for its beautiful landscapes and many incredible sights to explore; you can contact the best travel agencies in Canada. 

Canada is such a vast country it becomes impossible for us to decide where and how to travel. Travel agencies help us to see the best in Canada. Hence getting in touch with them in Canada is necessary, and the following is the list of best travel agencies: 

Canada Wilderness Adventures 

Canadian Wilderness Adventure is one of the best tour operators in Canada. This agency allows travelers to customize their itinerary. They consider travelers’ interests and, based on that, set the itinerary by keeping their preferences, budget, and time in mind. With this travel agency, you can explore sceneries, wildlife, spectacular views, and an unforgettable tour of Canada. Wilderness adventure is the top travel agency in Canada.

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Exodus Travels

One of the best travel agencies on the list is Exodus travels. Exodus believes in adventure and fun travel and aspires to give the same to travelers. Exodus provides both classic and exotic tours to Canada. Exodus focuses on themed adventure and physical activities, with the discovery of the local culture. Exodus has a massive range of trip styles and themes catering to the needs of every traveler. It even caters to the needs of specific types of travelers. 

Vancouver Foodie Tours 

Vancouver foodie tour, a local tour agency, was formed with love towards a passion for food, adventure, and culture. FoodieTours believes in creating a different world for food lovers with different cuisines. The Vancouver tour shows off their city and makes them proud to be Vancouverian. Vancouver Foodie Tour is passionate about creating memorable experiences for its tourists. This local tour introduces you to the local Canadian cuisine and passionate chefs who believe in giving away the best delicacies to the tourist. Foodie Tours has hosted a considerable number of happy clients. is one of the most popular and renowned online travel agencies. It is wholly owned and operated by Canadian Corporation. Redtag offers the best flights, hotels, car rentals, and cruises with an all-inclusive package. Redtag is renowned for price drop assurance offers that make it attractive for clients. Apart from all these, they have streamlined services to suit your needs. They believe in care, flexibility, affordability, and innovation for travelers.

Sunwing is a master in providing vacation packages. A Canadian tour company promises to deliver frictionless, unique, and memorable travel experiences for the traveler. Sunwing is the only travel company that owns the airline you fly. They offer convenient departures from 33 different airports across Canada, allowing you to save money and time by departing from local airports. Sunwing offers various holiday deals to suit your needs. 


TourRadar is recognized for group travelers. According to the reports, TourRadar provides thousands of tour options, including small and large group tours. TourRadar offers sustainable adventure tours with great peace of mind. They offer tours in almost all the countries of the world. Their website has consolidated all their touring options so you get to quickly compare the different options. 

G Adventures 

Serving for many decades, G Adventures is a small tour operator company. They believed in changing the world through travel. G Adventures build meaningful relationships with the local communities and give away direct benefits to travelers. They organize group tours and tailor-made tours to have a feel and vibe of the traveler in you.  G Adventures has successfully changed how people travel and the face of travel forever.

Intrepid Travel

Intrepid Travel believes in creating positive change through the joy of travel. They have a long history of organizing innumerable small group tours for like-minded people to make countless unforgettable memories. The reason to travel with Intrepid is they believe in giving away real-life experience to its travelers. They maintain the connection between the people who travel and assure that adventure in life is made for everyone irrespective of age or budget; traveling solo together doesn’t matter. 


When you crave adventure, tranquility, scenic beauty, and personal time, then Landsby is the correct answer. Landsby is full of ideas to enrich and educate people for traveling and exploring different places. They have made travelers see the endless adventure within Canada,and if you can dream it, you can see it is their motto for their travelers. Landsby helps us to explore the new Canada – unseen and forgotten. 

Cosmos Vacations

Cosmos, with an experience of more than five decades in the tour industry, offers travel packages to the world’s most captivating destinations. Cosmos helps to explore the off-beat location with charm, tradition, and cultural beauty. Cosmos Vacations helps you discover the undiscovered and tell you the untold true story about the places you explore. 


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