Brazil – Legal for refugees

Asylum, Travel Documents, Passports, Identity Cards

legal rights and procedures about migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in this country.

Regardless of which country you are heading to, you must count, as far as possible, at least with the following documents:

Citizenship card, identity card and / or passport duly stamped by migration authorities (recommended for a minimum period of 6 months).

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Certificate of criminal or disciplinary background (In Peru the certificate of antecedents is not required, instead an INTERPOL certificate must be processed in that country to process the Temporary Permit of Permanence- (PTP)).

If you are travelling with minors and both parents are not present (father or mother travelling alone with the child), you must take the authorization to leave signed by the father or mother. We recommend you take at least two originals or several copies of it.

Remember that all documents must be current, in good condition and must be LEGALIZED or APOSTILLADOS in your country or the Consulate.

Asylum Process:
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Brazil for refugees from Venezuela

Brazil has seen a significant influx of refugees and migrants from Venezuela who cross mainly through the northern states of the country. To relieve pressure in the state of Roraima, reduce the number of Venezuelans living in the streets and facilitate their socio-economic integration in the host cities, the federal government launched a plan for a strategy of voluntary relocation to other Brazilian states.

The UN Working Group Venezuela will be strengthened and restructured in the Working Group for the Refugee and Migrant Response Platform of Brazil (TF – RMRP Brazil). This group will include a wider range of stakeholders, including NGOs and civil society partners.

Brazilian Refugee Act considers as a refugee any individual who leaves their country of origin due to a well-founded fear of persecution for reasons of race, religion, nationality, social group or political opinion imputed, or because of a situation of serious and widespread violation of rights humans in their country of origin.

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