Budget Guide For A Trip To Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is officially known as The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia is a country present in the Middle-East. Saudi Arabia participates majorly in the world’s oil production. Till 2013, the only way to visit Saudi Arabia is through Business visa only or if you’re Muslim you can travel to Mecca and Medina on the special visa. Every year many Musli pilgrims travel to Saudi to pay homage by visiting their most sacred cities Mecca and Medina. After 2014, Saudi allows tourists to visit the country on through a tourist visa. The citizens of some of the neighbouring countries are allowed to move freely in Saudi and it is banned for some of the neighbouring countries. You may find the visa type required here. Now, Saudi Arabia has also become a tourist destination. So, let us discuss the budget you’ve to keep while visiting Saudi Arabia.

Budget Guide for the Trip

Saudi Arabia is a very expensive country to visit as 1 Saudi Riyal here equals ₹19.04 INR. If you’re travelling to Saudi Arabia or anywhere your first concern will be finding accommodation. After allowing the tourist to visit, the real state sector has taken a boom in several past years. This has also reflected the rental business, but you can easily get accommodated in Saudi Arabia starting with ₹2000 INR to any extent. As Saudi does not have any shortage for luxurious hotels, you can have a look at the best hotels in Saudi Arabia.

The most basic things in Saudi are somewhat expensive if you compare them to other countries. As Saudi is mostly covered by the desert so the water there is costlier and other things too. And these things are cheaper in urban areas or in the cities. Some of the commodities like Electronic goods, groceries and tobacco products are reasonably priced. However, imported food products and eating out in a hotel or a restaurant can be costly.

If you need to travel to the cities of Saudi Arabia you must rent a car. Saudi Arabia lacks a comprehensive public transport system. As Saudi Arabia is an oil-rich country so you’ll get fuel imbursed in your budget. In Saudi Arabia, one can also manage to buy a car due to its low petroleum costs.

So, if you are planning a visit to The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia, you have to take care of your budget as reading the above examples. Also, keep in mind that there are certain rules which you have to follow. Here is the budget list configured as per the weekly expenses.

  1. 50,000 INR (703 USD) – for 7 days in Venezuela
  2. 80,000 INR (1125 USD) – for a budget journey for 7 days in Saudi Arabia
  3. 70,000 INR (980 USD) – for a one week of a comfortable stay in Saudi Arabia
  4. 1,25,000 INR (1,760 USD) – for a week of luxury holidays in Venezuela

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