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How to get a Canadian visa for Pakistani?

For Pakistani tourists, Canada is famous, and always open to its tourists. Due to its simple visa and immigration policies, Pakistanis love to visit or live in Canada.
And if you visit Canada in 2020 and look forward to receiving information. It may be for the visa conditions of Canada And the application process, visa fees, paperwork requirements, and processing time. Canada is the right place for you. Below is the entire operation.

The visa application process gets carried out in Karachi, Lahore Canadian Visa Application Centre. All applicants will need biometrics for visa applications. The images might not is mandatory. Because the CVAC staff takes their pictures on site, you should take the photos.

How to get a Canadian visa for Pakistani?

Were you aware that the Toronto community in Canada is the largest in Pakistan? 

Stats CAN report in 2011 that 109,000 Pakistanis residing in the Province of Ontario from such cities as Lahore, Multan, and Islamabad chose a settlement in Toronto’s capital. Toronto is Canada’s multicultural community. It is recognized all over the world for its famous and independent CN Tower. Also, for the world’s largest LGBT festival, and many beautiful parks and art galleries.

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The famous city has a strong demand for educated and unskilled workers in trading, agriculture, building, and trade industries. Pakistani workers in these industries have a strong chance of moving to Canada. And also of benefitting from the many benefits of living in the Grand North, including free health and education, a clean, spacious, and healthy atmosphere, and high-paid jobs!

Why Do You Request a Pakistani Canada Visa?

378,000 New Workers required in alone Ontario, Canada, in June 2020. the economy of Canada gained 378,000 new jobs. The most recent work figures in Canada are excellent news for prospective immigrants because when they are permanently resident, they can expect a better jobs market.

Canada also has many university graduates. And many of them live in urban centers such as Toronto and Vancouver. In industries, there are plenty of opportunities and jobs, which do not require formal education. The main focus of Ontario’s immigration programs is to attract international workers to such on-demand and hard-to-fill occupations. Pakistan’s major industries include speaking, engineering, food processing, and machinery. It is a good source for the requirements of Canada for human capital.

Also, Ontario has recently implemented a new regional immigration pilot. It provides Pakistanis with more opportunities to migrate and reside in smaller communities in the province.

How to request Pakistan’s Canada Visa?

Popular Programmes for Immigration

1. Immigration of Skilled Workers via express entry

You will apply for the Express Entry method and transfer to Canada in as little as six months, And also if you are a professional worker living in Pakistan and wish to migrate to Ontario. Experienced administrators, technical expertise such as licensed electricians or experts such as infants and teachers.

Check out a few of the following in-demand trades or see the full list here:

  • Trade Staff on Call
  • Baker
  • Ironsmiths
  • Timbermen
  • Machinery
  • Operators of heavy equipment
  • Anglers
  • Boilers of oil and gas
  • Roofers
  • Control users
  • Fitters Machine

Requirements for Federal Trade Worker Program (FTWP)

What must you qualify to emigrate via Express Entry to Canada from Pakistan?

Find out the following!

  • Job Experience Over the last five years
  • Strong English or French skills Language skills
  • A job offer is required.
  • Education Only if you do not have a work offer is a certificate provided by a Canadian body.

2.  Semi-Skilled Workforce Immigration.

You may qualify for the Ontario In-Demand Skills Stream. And can get a permanent resident in Canada if you are a semi-qualified employee. Semi-skilled professions typically include professions that do not require advanced training but on the job.

The types of professions that qualify for this stream of immigration are:

  • Nurses
  • Home support staff
  • Service, residential and trade installers
  • Transport truck drivers
  • Operators of heavy equipment
  • Helpers and staff in construction
  • Agriculture generals
  • Children and workers in the greenhouse
  • Workers harvest
  • Industrial butchers
  • Meat cutters

What do you need to qualify to immigrate to Canada through this category?

  • Work Experience for nine months of full-time.
  • Strong English or French skills Language skills
  • The primary and middle school curriculum

3. Permanent Future Study in Canada in the Great North

Students from Pakistan

Pakistanis studying in Canada are more likely to obtain a permanent residency. It is because Canada likes Canadian learners and job experiences. You could be emitted for a post-graduate work permit to work for any employer in Canada by completing a study program, which lasts at least six months at a post-secondary institution in Canada. In this way, you can work for a permanent job bid, which relies on your permanent points of residence.

Tourism visa requirements for Canada from Pakistan

  • Each applicant has a properly signed separate application form.
  • Original passport valid for at least six months
  • One blank page is required.
  • Copies of passports old / expired.
  • 1 copy of the current passport’s front page
  • Copy of the CNIC photo from Nadra
  • 2 portraits, not older than six months.
  • Write clearly on the back of the picture in English the name and date of birth of the candidate.

The letter of your employment should clearly state your pay, the position, the hired date, and the approved leaves dates. You must offer proof of a husband’s work if you are dependent.

  • The approval of both parents is required to grant.
  • It is for children younger than 16 who travel alone.
  • If a minor has a custody order for the subject must also get issued.
  • If only one parent travels with a child.
  • The other parent’s letter of consent to the child is mandatory.
  •  A copy (in case traveling with children) of “B,” form-Nadra-computerized
  • Last six month’s bank declaration
  • Booking of airfares Print out
  • Booking of Hotel
 If you have a sponsor invitation, you will need to include the following documents:
  • Copy of the sponsor’s passport.
  • Last six month’s sponsor’s bank statement.
  • Any other information that indicates your connections with Pakistan.

Application Centers for Canada Visa in Pakistan- 

In Islamabad

Canada Center for Islamabad Visa Application
Chatta Bakhtawar Shahzad Chak, Islamabad, Park Lane
For Email: 

In Lahore

Lahore Canada Center for Visa Application
20 Ex-US Center Construction,
Ganga Ram Hospital in the opposite direction.
Lahore, Queens Lane
For Email:  


Karachi Visa Center of Canada
At Complex Bahria IV, 4th floor, Fourth floor.
Khaliq UZ Zaman Lane, Main Chaudhary.
Karachi, Gizri, Clifton,
For Email:

Phone number of Helpline:

+92 51 8439344

Operating days:

Monday through Friday (except holidays declared)

Operating daily hours:

Service time: from Nine A.M to Five A.M.
Requests submission: Nine A.M to Five P.M
Passport collection: Nine a.m. to Five P.M.
Timings of Ramadan:
Opening time of the VAC from Nine A.M to Three P.M (Monday to Friday)
Subject to request: Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 13:00
Set of passports: from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., from Monday to Friday.

Pakistan Monitoring Visa Canada

This page helps you to check the status of the Canadian visa application. Your tracking ID No and Birth Date should get to get.

Appeal for a visa denial from Pakistan Canada

  • If Citizenship and Immigration Canada refuses your Canadian visa.
  • You do not have the option of appealing.
  • You will have 30 days to appeal again. The appeal duration is short.
  • You may appeal from CPC, or you can from the IAD.
  • The last choice is to appeal from the Federal Court of Canada.

The cover image is somewhere in Railway Station Road, Multan, Pakistan. Photo by Ali Karimiboroujeni on Unsplash


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