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  • How to find a job in Nigeria?

    How to find a job in Nigeria?

    To find a job in Nigeria, you can start searching over the internet and searching Google. You can look for recruitment agencies in the Country. And you can look for jobs on Facebook groups in the Country. Everyone who wants to find a job in the Country must first look for a job there. Once […]

  • Shopping malls In Nigeria

    Shopping malls In Nigeria

    Some nice shopping malls in Nigeria: Tinapa shopping resort The Palms shopping mall Polo Park mall Jabi Lake mall Ikeja City mall Shopping malls In Nigeria These are some nice shopping malls in Nigeria. Tinapa Shopping resort Tinapa Shopping Resort is a huge mall, whose total retail area covers a total of over 861,000 square […]

  • Transportation System in Nigeria!!

    Transportation System in Nigeria!!

    Transportation in Nigeria consists of all four ways. The majority of the population relies on the road network for their transportation. More than 80% of the population uses only road transport to travel. Nigeria also has the largest network of roadways in Western Africa. Yet, it could have been managed better by the government. The […]

  • Best Hotels in Nigeria

    Best Hotels in Nigeria

    Nigeria is one of the most beautiful and one of the best cities to live in. This doesn’t exactly bring the words ‘budget accommodation’ to your foremind. However, it is possible to find some reasonable deals! Here are some of the cheaper options available around for around 100CHF or less. Best Hotels in Nigeria- 1. FEDERAL […]

  • What is the best bank in Nigeria?

    What is the best bank in Nigeria?

    Nigerian banks reel out financial services to benefit their customers and also to attract more. These commercial banks are licensed to operate by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) have not only maintained a solid reputation locally in the banking industry, but also internationally. While there are 21 licensed commercial banks in Nigeria, not all […]

  • What is the cost of living in Nigeria?

    What is the cost of living in Nigeria?

    The cost of living is inexpensive when compared to other countries. It is still expensive if you need to live on a Nigerian salary. And many people, more than half of the population, in Nigeria live on subsistence farming without a formal salary. The biggest cities in Nigeria, Lagos or Abuja, are expensive when compared […]

  • Best Time To Go To Nigeria

    Best Time To Go To Nigeria

    You can visit Nigeria during November-January, when it is refreshed after rains and preparing for the festive season in tropical heat. You should avoid traveling during the rainy season if at all possible. In Nigeria, June marks the start of the rainy season. Nigeria is a large country and hence the climate varies greatly depending […]

  • How to get a visa for Nigeria? 

    How to get a visa for Nigeria? 

    The Visa process for Nigeria is very much simplified. The Nigerian visa application process has now been made online. There are certain things that you need to know before applying for the visa, as there are some countries whose citizens can visit Nigeria without a permit. So, if you need access you need to follow […]

  • Best universities in Nigeria

    Best universities in Nigeria

    Nigeria has many public and private institutions. There are 162 universities in Nigeria. The annual fees of Public universities are approximately around $125-$500. However, Private universities cost an average of $2,700 per year. Nigeria is one of the most populated counties in Africa. The country is facing many institutional challenges. Some of the major challenges […]

  • How Much A trip to Nigeria Will Cost?

    How Much A trip to Nigeria Will Cost?

    As per champion traveler, the average price of a 7-day solo trip to Nigeria will cost $1,722.  However, a family trip will cost $954. The hotels in Nigeria ranges from $27 to $128 per night. But, for the entire home vacation rentals, it will cost $90 to $400 per night. Also, the average cost of economy flight […]