Cheapest hotels in Istanbul, Turkey

Are you going to travel to Turkey, and you want to find the cheapest hotels in Istanbul, Turkey? The City of Istanbul is located on both the European and Asian sides of the Bosphorus Strait. Istanbul tops the list because it is an exceptionally fascinating and dynamic metropolis. Both the cuisine and the history are outstanding.

Turkey is exciting and entertaining. If you are planning a trip to this fascinating country, plan your accommodation first. Numerous inexpensive places in Turkey would be ideal for budget travelers. Whether you choose hotels or villas in Turkey, you may be sure to find something to suit your budget. This article will discuss some low-cost hotels you can book for your stay.

What to do before a trip to Istanbul, Turkey

It’s a good idea to make a list of must-see attractions in Istanbul, Turkey, before you go. Below are some tips to do:

Before settling on a travel plan, do some thorough research.

Without the correct information, getting around Istanbul is like going around without a GPS. This is one of the best travel tips for Turkey to get you started on your trip.


Search for the cheapest plane tickets.

You can look for the best prices for tickets on Google Flights or Skyscanner.

You’ll need a Visa to enter in Turkey. 

Go to the Turkish e-Visa Website and complete the online application. To find more information on how to get a visa to Turkey:

Check How to get a visa for Turkey? A quick guide to business and tourist visas for Turkey.

Check your passport.

Your passport’s validity date must be at least six months after your intended travel period.

Select Suitable Accommodation

You may find every kind of accommodation in Turkey, from cheap hostels to five-star penthouses. Find a place to stay that suits your needs and budget. Pick a place where your money won’t fly away.

Best time to go to Istanbul

Istanbul is a city that experiences all four seasons. June to September is the hottest, with August being the coldest month. The temperatures are between 65 and 85 F.

You may expect the coldest temperatures from November through March, with February being the coldest overall. The weather is mild, with highs of about 55 degrees.

The summers are typically dry, while the winters have increased precipitation from rain and snow.

Where to search for the cheapest hotels in Istanbul, Turkey

There are several websites where you can find the cheapest hotels in Istanbul, Turkey. Some popular options include:









The cheapest hotels in Istanbul, Turkey

Budget travelers will find Istanbul to be a fantastic destination. There are many cheapest hotels to choose from. Many of Istanbul’s inexpensive hotels include free internet access, baggage storage, and daily cleaning. Even the cheapest hotels in Istanbul have nice, clean rooms. All three-bed sizes (king, queen, and twin) are available in the guest rooms. There are usually both air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned rooms available in budget hotels. Many hotels provide shuttle services at an additional fee.

Here are some of the cheapest hotels in Istanbul, Turkey:

Cheers Hostel

Nobel Hostel

Bunk Hostel Taksim

Tilas House

Before making your reservation, compare all prices on major booking platforms for hostels in Istanbul with Hostelz.com, and save lots of money!

Antique Hostel & Guesthouse

Sb kamp Sile

Constantine Hotel

The Private Airport Hotel

Is traveling in Turkey safe

Yes, it is pretty safe to go throughout Turkey. The two safest cities in Turkey are Istanbul and Ankara.

Is it safe to walk around at night in Istanbul

It is very safe to take a late-night walk in Istanbul. However, remain on well-lit alleys and away from narrow ones.

Source: Travel Triangle

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