Cost of living in Malaysia

Malaysia a very good country to live, as the country developed in recent times. Malaysia is a very well known and famous destination in the world for its coastal tourism. The food available here is also something best to have. The cost of living in Malaysia is much less than most of the European developed countries. The capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is the most expensive city to live in the country. But the cost of living here is much affordable as compared to North America as well. Malaysia is not a very expensive country but there are some cities where the cost of living is higher. Although the cost of living in Malaysia is low, the quality of life is very high. This is also the reason why most of the expats decide to live here. 

Cost of living in Malaysia

Accommodation Cost in Malaysia!!

The cost of accommodation in Malaysia is very much lower. If we compare it to the other countries of the world it’s also much preferred to live in. If we compare the cost of living in Malaysia to other developed countries it has a drastic change in prices. The most expensive city in the country is its capital city, Kaula Lumpur. The accommodation cost in the city is slightly higher than the other cities. So, if you want to save your money you may choose to live in other cities (if there’s a choice). But, for sure you’ll find an affordable house for living at a reasonable price in the city as well. 

Comparing the rent of the popular cities of Malaysia.

Accommodation (Average monthly cost)
Kuala Lumpur Penang
Single bedroom apartment (in the city Center) MYR 2,390 MYR 1,104
Single bedroom apartment (other than the city Center) MYR 1,342 MYR 839
Triple bedroom apartment in (other than the city Center) MYR 4,495 MYR 2,408
Triple bedroom apartment (other than the city Center) MYR 2,156 MYR 1,817

Traveling Cost in Malaysia!!

The transportation or traveling services in Malaysia is well developed. All the cities in the country are very well connected with each other. The country has various types of transportation services available. All the transport sectors are very well developed. They also offer premium services and high-quality services as well. You can always opt for a public transport service if you want to save your money. But yes, the country has both of the services available for their citizens.

Transportation (Average Cost)  
Gasoline (per liter) MYR 2.11
A monthly pass for the bus/transport service MYR 125
Public Bus Transport or train fare MYR 3
Taxi fare (per 8 km or 5 miles) MYR 20

Food or Eatables cost in Malaysia!!

Food is something for which Malaysia is very famous for. You’ll bever run out for the choice of food while living in Malaysia. Those delicious meals are available at very reasonable prices as well. Also, there are many places where the cost will be much higher so the choice is yours where and what you want to eat. The groceries are also available at the local markets at a very cheaper price. This will help you save a lot of money spending on food.

Eating out
Three-course meal at a mid-range restaurant 60 – 120 MYR
Three-course meal at an expensive-range restaurant 250 – 400MYR
Fast Food Meal 15 – 60 MYR
Groceries 30 – MYR


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