cost of living in venezuela

What is the cost of living in Venezuela?

The estimated cost of living in Venezuela is 9,000 Bs.S per month for a single person. A family of four can spend around 2,500 Bs.S in a month. These are the costs of living without rent.

The currency of Venezuela is the Venezuelan Sovereign Bolivar, or VES, or Bs.S. Ten Venezuelan Sovereign Bolivars are around 2.2 US Dollars or around 2 Euros. That is around 170 Indian Rupees or 15 Chinese Yuan.

The cost of living is a very important factor. If we talk about Venezuela then definitely, it is cheaper than the cost of living in the USA. But still, the cost of living in Venezuela is 11.58% more than the cost of living in India. The best thing about Venezuela is that it has cheaper petrol rates.

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Venezuela is a South American country with the world’s greatest natural wonders. It includes the tallest water and angle fall and the Caribbean Sea’s longest coastline. The cost of living in Venezuela is subjective. It can be the most costly or cheapest country in the world. There are two official exchange and black market rates with a disparity between them.

It would be better to get advice from someone who lives in the area and is familiar with it. Venezuela’s quality of life is poor, crime is rising, and basic food is scarce.

What is the cost of living in Venezuela?

The estimated cost of living in Venezuela is 9,000 Bs.S per month for a single person. A family of four can spend around 2,500 Bs.S in a month. These are the costs of living without rent.

Venezuela’s wage is less than $ 7 per month. The average wage is less than $ 25, making Venezuelans without foreign assets. All this is because of communist economic policies with industry and good wages. In Venezuela, the average monthly pay is under $ 25, which is low for us but is natural for them. It’s a little more difficult to pay all your payments and buy necessities if you’re renting.


If you’re a foodie, the majority of the food is inexpensive. You are in such as 2$ at El Baretto with soup, beverage, and dessert. Also, 10$ per person at a good restaurant if you have a few appetizers, a main meal, a dessert, and a few beverages.

Ma, you can order McDonald’s’ most enormous burger. Eating out, like almost everything else in Venezuela, is inexpensive.


Food is a bit of a challenge. It fluctuates week to week, so it isn’t easy to put a figure on it. At $ 100 each month, you can eat almost anything you want.
Food in Venezuela is currently the cheapest in the world. It has every primary globally-sold product costing less here than elsewhere. You have to pay a different amount for each activity.


There are three possibilities for getting around and renting a car or hiring a car in the country. Because petrol is inexpensive, the bus system is broad and inexpensive.
The cab is the most common mode of transportation within cities. Taxis are more expensive than other transportation, yet they are still within reach.

Caracas boasts a modern and inexpensive metro system that is currently being expanded (albeit it is busy and filthy!).


You can get a movie ticket for around 0.5 $ (and often even less) and 2 $ for popcorn, chocolates, and a large Pepsi.
Outdoor sports such as hiking are also accessible in El vila so that you can save money on a gym membership.


Sporting activities are expensive in Venezuela, but not for foreigners. A gym or fitness facility membership costs roughly $ 7. Rent is also priced, though this varies by location.

A lovely apartment in El Rosal with two bedrooms, a kitchen, a washer, and a dryer. Also, a parking spot may cost roughly $ 300 per month.

It would be roughly $ 500 in Altamira, an adorable zone. A studio apartment might be as cheap as $ 1,500 anywhere else.

What is the smallest amount of money required to live in Venezuela?

Without rent, a family of four will spend $ 1,937 per month. Without rent, a single person’s estimated monthly costs are $ 521. Venezuela has a 40 percent cheaper cost of living than the United States. The average rent in Venezuela is 80 percent lower than in the United States.

Is it pleasant to live in Venezuela?

Yet, Venezuela is an excellent place to live for the most part, and most ex-pats are content there. Here are some of the things that contribute to its popularity. It has a diversified climate, and its location above the equator makes it a tropical country.

In Venezuela, how much does a delicious hot dog price?

Users enjoy the hot dogs, but they’re $ 5 – $ 6 each, which is out of reach for Venezuelans. They cost roughly 58 cents at hotdog stands. Monthly least pay of $ 5 in Venezuela, even a street-side hotdog has become a luxury for many.

Is it possible for foreigners to buy or sell property in Venezuela?

Foreign nationals with a passport can buy property for business purposes and more. Foreigners can also buy property using foreign or local businesses.

Why are there Venezuelan refugees?

Many Venezuelan have sought refuge because of the socio-economic situation in Venezuela. Some people have been coming back in the last years. But shortages of fuel, power, and clean water in the fall of 2020 have led to rioting and renewed departure.

In the United States, where do the majority of Venezuelans live?

South Florida, the Doral, and Weston suburbs have the highest number of Venezuelans in the US. According to the 2010 census, the following states have significant Venezuelan American populations. Texas, New York, California, New Jersey, Georgia, and Virginia.

Price List 

As shown, below are some of the everyday costs of living in Venezuela.

Restaurant average costs

Cheap Meal Budget 

Restaurant 3.50 $

Meal for 2 People 25.00 $

Fast food Meal?

Meal at McDonald’s 4.00 $

Domestic Beer (0.5 ltr draught) 0.98 $

Cappuccino (regular) 0.83 $

Coke/Pepsi (0.33 ltr bottle) 1.03 $

Water (0.33 ltr bottle) 0.69 $


Milk (regular), (1 ltr) 1.35 $

Loaf of Fresh White Bread (500g) 0.90 $

Eggs (regular) (12) 1.35 $

Local Cheese (1kg) 2.96 $

Chicken Breasts (1kg) 2.75$

Beef (1kg) 2.82$

Apples (1kg) 3.87 $

Banana (1kg) 1.03 $

Oranges (1kg) 0.80 $

Tomato (1kg) 1.34 $

Onion (1kg) 1.26 $

Lettuce (300 grams) 1.22 $

Petrol Price

As we all know that the Veneula has eight biogas plants and it is one of the major countries that export petroleum. You will be surprised to know that with one US dollar you can fill the tank of a medium-size car about 720 times. 

Source: Expatistan, Numbeo

The cover image is somewhere in Maracay, Aragua, Venezuela. Photo by Jorge Salvador on Unsplash


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