education system in afghanistan

The education system in Afghanistan. List of international schools in Kabul

If you are planning to move to Afghanistan with your family than you must check the education system of Afghanistan. In this article, we will discuss the schooling and education system in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is among the countries having the lowest literacy rates in the world. But nowadays many programs have been started to improve the literacy rate in the country. UNICEF has also taken many initiatives and has established Community-Based Schools (CBS) and Accelerated Learning Centres (ALC) communities which are aimed at girls and children from marginalized communities.

The Afghanistan education system starts from Kindergarten and is till through 12th grade. The education system in Afghanistan is divide into three parts. The first one is Primary Education which is of 6 years then comes the Middle Education which is of 3 years and the last stage of schooling is Secondary Education which is also of 3 years. There are some really good international schools in Afghanistan which have students from arcosss the globe.

The education system in Afghanistan

Primary Education

The Primary Education System in Afghanistan is of two type. One is religious education that is given at mosques and is the responsibility of clerics at mosques. Second one is academic education at state schools. The Afghanistan government provides free education only till primary education. Childern of age between 7 to 13  attend primary schools. They were taught the basics of reading, writing, arithmetic and their national culture.

Middle Education

After six years of primary education, three years of middle school comes. In middle school, students continue with their academic-style education. Passing exams is compulsory if students wish to study further.

Secondary Education

At secondary school students have a choice between continuing with an academic path for 3 years that could perhaps lead on to university, or study subjects such as applied agriculture, aeronautics, arts, commerce and teacher training instead. 

International Schools in Kabul

Afghan International School (AIS)

Location: Street #6, Qala-e-Fatihullah, Afghanistan(Kabul)

Phone: 93 (0) 789 799 114

Fees: US $180 – 270 per quarter

French International Schools in Kabul

Centre d’Enseignement Français en Afghanistan (CEFA)

Location: Ebn-e-Sina, Afghanistan(Kabul)

Fees: Inquire at school

German International Schools in Kabul

Amani High School

Location: Afghanistan(Kabul)

Phone: 07631/170659 

Fees: Inquire at school

The admission and enrollment procedures for these international schools may vary from school to school. The seats are limited and preference is given to students based on nationality. Tuition is quite expensive in comparison to local schools but international schools offer high standards of learning, boast smaller class sizes, first-rate facilities, and extracurricular. Some schools also have boarding facilities but most of these provide day classes only.