How is the education system in Malaysia?

If you are moving to Malaysia with your family. In that case, your children’s education is your most concern. But, the education system in Malaysia is of a high standard. Also, all the ex-pat parents did not struggle much to find a school for their child.

How is the education system in Malaysia? 

However, admission into schools depends on the type of school. As it varies from school to school. In Malaysia, schools can generally be divided into three categories:

  • Public schools,
  • Private schools,
  • International schools.

Let us have a look at these types of schools one by one.

Public schools in Malaysia

We all that public schools have fewer tuition fees in comparison to private. Also, there are a number of public schools in Malaysia. So, as an ex-pat, the public school option is much cheaper. But, the problem can be the language barrier. Also, the bureaucratic registration process for foreign students can be hectic too.

Public school study time usually begins at 7.30 am and ends around 12.30 pm to 13 pm. Also, many public schools run a two-session system with a one-morning session and a one-afternoon session. So, that they can accommodate the high number of students.

Public school facilities are adequate and have most of the basic elements required for education. But student-to-teacher ratios can be quite high, with 40 to 50 students in one class.

Private schools in Malaysia

Private schools have expensive tuition fees. But all the private schools use English as the main language for teaching. So, no problem with the language barrier. However, private schools also follow the guidelines and rules set by the Malaysian Ministry of Education. However, classes generally run from around 8.30 am to 4 pm.
Most ex-pat kids settle quite easily into private schools. As they will not face cultural differences which they may experience in a public school.
The teachers are also usually well trained. As they have experience in handling students from different backgrounds and cultures.

International schools in Malaysia

If you want your child to get an education in the curriculum of your own home country. Or education curriculum other than Malaysia should consider an international school.
The Government is aiming to make Malaysia a center of excellence in education. In case you want to study in Malaysia than appear for this TOEFL test.

It’s easier to admit to an international school than to enter a public school. This is because the fees are not subsidized by the local government, and can be done easily at the school itself most of the time.