Education system in Thailand. Schools in Thailand

Are you planning to move to Thailand with your family than one thing that is always in your mind is the schooling and education system in Thailand to ensure the better future of your children. According to transfer wire, the literacy percentage is very good that is above 98% and in total 95% of children are enrolled in schooling at the primary level. 

The Thailand schooling system is broadly divided into two types which are private and non-private. If you opt for private schools than these schools include international schools and teach in English (The language spoken in Thailand is Thai). In case you want to compare the education standard of Thailand with your home country then you can do so by using this online comparison tool. 

Let us start with the Thai education system to understand it from the root. 

Education system in Thailand

According to, the Thailand Education System is broadly divided into these stages: 

Primary Education

Primary Education is not compulsory in Thailand and it is not mandatory to attain a school till the age of six. Primary Education in Thailand is governed by the government. The first stage of schooling begins with Kindergarten at the age of Two or Three this is followed by another 6 years of primary school. 

Middle Education

After Primary comes Middle Education which adds another three years of middle school and students learn about the core subjects and other major things apart from academics like Thai language, arts and music, technology and foreign languages. 

Secondary Education

Secondary Education is given at the high school. The students who wish to continue academic education choose one stream out of science and maths and English and other choices include foreign languages and social science. After secondary education, they are ready to move for Vocational Education. 

Vocational Education

After secondary education, the last stage of schooling is vocational education. The Thai vocational education system is mainly done in high school. Vocational Education is further divided into two levels of qualification. After completing the Vocational Educational the students gets the gets certificate which opens the chance of getting admission to a university. 

Tertiary Education(University)

The Thailand Ministry Of Education governs both private and public colleges of higher education and universities. The Universities of Thailand are great and they offer excellent study programs in courses like arts, medicine, humanities, and information technology. The popular course that is chosen by most of the youth in Thailand is law and business abroad.

Thailand Unversity like Chulalongkorn attracts the students from across the globe and it is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Thailand. The Chulalongkorn is founded in 1917. 

School Fees Structure in Thailand 

Free Education In Public School Of Thailand 

The Thai government provides education thought Thailand which is governed by the Ministry of Education. The best part is public school has no tuition fee up to fifteen years you just have to pay for basic things like a school uniform, means of transport like the fare of the school bus and course books.

Tuition Fee In Private School Of Thailand

The cost of education in private schools is likely to be high. The private schools include international schools too and these schools are mainly located in cities and teach mostly in English, Chinese, and other major languages that are spoken around the globe. The International schools have fees of anything from USD 6,000 to USD 20,000 a year and additional fees are also applicable like registration fees and security fees.

You can check the list of International Schools in Thailand from this link List Of International Schools in Thailand 

Taking admission to International Schools is not that much easy as International schools generally take admissions through competitive tests and interviews.

Admission Timing, School Hours Of Thai Schools 

Typically the school year in Thailand starts from May to March. The Holiday seasons are in March and April, and October. The exact dates may vary from school to school.

Now coming to school timings a typical day in Thai schools is the school starts at 8.30 am and lasts till 3.30 pm, but the actual teaching time for younger children is less than this.