Educational system: Palestine

Educational system-

The educational system in Palestine is handled by the Palestinian Ministry. Here schools are generally split into boys, girls. and co-educational schools. Enrollment is high at roughly 80 percent. Literacy rates are also quite high there.

Schools based this educational system in palestine-

Al-Jinan International School
Address: PO Box: 413 / Al-Ersal St.
Amaar Building, 6th floor; Ramallah, Palestine
Tel: 972 2 2421966

Al-Jinan International School focuses on technology and coding classes. Here it starts from elementary to high school. It has structured curriculum and progressive approach. It was established by well-known academics and business professionals.  Here, modern campus includes a multipurpose hall.

American School of Palestine (ASP)
Address: 15 Beit Nabala Street,
El-Bireh, Palestine
Tel: 972 2 242-5928/

ASP is a bilingual international school for students. It is from kindergarten to 12th grade. It was founded in 1995. By Palestinian youth returning from North America. It is a educational institution with courses in Arabic. It is from grades 1-6 and English from 7-12.

Pioneers Baccalaureate School (PBS)
Address: Beit Iba
Nablus, West Bank, Palestine
Tel: 972 9 234-4765

Pioneers is a bilingual international school. Here education for students are from Kindergarten to 12th grade.  Religion classes focuses on Islam and Christianity. Along with these courses there are extracurriculars and physical education.

Ramallah Friends School (RFS)
Mail Address: PO Box 7
Beit JalaVia Israel
Tel: 972 2 2741247

RFS is based on Quaker principles.  Students from pre-kindergarten through grade 12. It has a Lower School and Upper Campuses also. It includes facilities like high tech laboratories, garden, Auditorium, football field, track, basketball court and gym.

French International School on the West Bank

Lycée Français International de Ramallah
Address: Ramallah Industrial Zone near Mukhmas Fun Land
Ramallah, Palestine
Tel: 970 (0) 594 103 103

The Lycée Français International de Ramallah is the only school to provide French, English and Arabic programs. It was begun as pre-kindergarten. Curriculum is totally based on the French system. The school runs under the French Ministry.

German International School on the West Bank

Educational Centre of Talitha Kumi
Address: P.O Box 66
Ramallah, Palestine
Tel: 970 2 295 2286

The Talitha Kumi provides classes from first grade to high-school. This complex includes a kindergarten, a college, school for girls as well as a guest house.
It is part of the international network of German Foreign Schools. They generally  follow the Palestinian curriculum.

International School in Gaza

American International School in Gaza (AISG)
Address: Nazareth Street
Gaza, Palestine
Tel: 72 8 2880440/1

AISG is an international school situated in Gaza. It is co-educational from primary and secondary school,  a kindergarten, elementary school and a high school.