Explore France, with the Best Transportation

Transportation in France is remarkable and also the best in Europe. The road network in France is the most used and one of the densest networks in the world as well. Paris designed as the center and web of transportation in France. All transportation modes are widely developed in France.


The French railway system is one of the best in Europe. The nationalization of the railways has happened before World War II. French railways played a very important role in World War II. They used railways to transport a lot of freight way more than Germany. France has superfast trains like Train à Grande Vitesse (TGV) and Thalys as well. TGV trains are France’s homegrown high-speed train, capable of traveling at speeds up to 320 km/h (200 mph). The number of passengers on the trains is low to make traveling easier for lower income groups.


The waterways transportation system in France is the largest in Europe. It almost covers a network of around 8,500 kilometers. France consist of both natural and man-made waterways network. Rivers in France include the Loire, Seine, and Rhône, which are some of the longest in the country. Waterways in France manages by the VNF (Voies navigables de France) network. VNF manages around 6,700 kilometers (4,200 mi) of the waterways network. There are two other significant waterways that don’t come under the VNF. Those waterways are being managed by the local management.

Taxis in France

The other widely used mode of transportation is Taxis. Some strict rules imposed on taxis like passenger capacity and working hours. There are no private minicabs in France. Cabs in France operates in the same manner and have the same tariffs in each region. Although, many taxi drivers exploit these rules and overcharge locals for their journey. Taxi drivers have the choice to charge extra and carry the fourth passenger or they can refuse as well.

Air travel

Air Travel in France very often used in the country. There are almost 478 existing airports in the country. Almost 288 airports have the paved runways and rest have the unpaved runways. Charles de Gaulle is the largest international airport in the country. This is also the main hub of Air France airline one of the largest airlines in the country. The airline has its headquarters in Tremblay-en-France. Air France is also the fifth largest airline in the world.