Food Distribution Camps in Jaipur

You’ll get information in this article about the several ongoing food distribution camps in Jaipur. The total number of positive cases in India are 10,363. Also, the number of death from this virus is 339. Just yesterday the figure was about 9000 positive cases. Also, the lockdown period increases to 03, May 2020. Already many people are not getting food. This increase lockdown will affect all the labours, truck drivers. As they earn and eat on the same day. Like many of us are getting paid from WFH (Work From Home). They can’t do that. Don’t know what is more dangerous for poor people COVID-19 or Death from starvation.

While the state and centre government is working. They are establishing hunger relief camps around the nation to ensure no one sleeps empty stomachs.

We’re giving information about the relief camps throughout India. So, that it reaches out to the person who really needs it.

We’ll be seeing some Facebook groups that are feeding hungry and needy people.

Food Distribution Camps in Jaipur

People Aspiring for Vibrant Smiles – PAVS: This is a group formed by four High School friends, who met in 2015, after 19 years through WhatsApp. Till 12th April 2020, they conducted  4 Food raw material distribution activity. They are providing whole week food to the families who need it. So, far they have provided “1-week ration bags” to 100 families.

Prayas JAC Society Jaipur: The origination has distributed food to needy labourers. They not only distributing food items in Jaipur but also working in Arunachal Pradesh and Delhi. Also, they are working on making Personal Protective Equipment for hospital sanitary workers & policemen.