Food Distribution Camps in Punjab

In this article, you will get information about the food distribution camps in Punjab. The number of people getting affected by coronavirus is getting increase exponentially. On today (08, April 2020) itself, the 485 number of the positive case add up in just 24 hours and cross the count of 5000 in India. Across the globe, the number of cases is 1,468,247 and the death toll surpassed 85,443. Also, the three-week lockdown in India may get the extent if the situation will remain like this.

In this situation, it is very important that people not die due to hunger and get food. There are many communities, people who are distributing food to help the needy person. We have written about the ongoing hunger-relief camps run across the various state. But, today we will give brief information about the going hunger camps in Punjab. As of now the count of positive cases in Punjab is 46. 

Food Distribution Camps in Punjab:

There are some groups on Facebook that have come forward in this pandemic to help the people. The list of them are given below.

Food DistributionSharing Happiness Welfare Society:

Food Distribution is hosted by the Sharing Happiness Welfare Society form 3rd April to 15 April. The location in which they are distributing food packages and meals are Local Areas of Kalka, Pinjore and HMT. They are also organizing awareness camps regarding hygiene.

All India Pingalwara Charitable Society (regd.) Amritsar: 

This Facebook group continuously distributing meals or “GURU KA LANGAR” in Pingalwara and grocery to need people in Amritsar. Also, they are distributing free food to a minimum of 500 families on a daily.

These NGO and people are doing a great job. But, it very important that this information reach to people who need it. So, if you are reading this and can just acknowledge the poor people about these group it will a great help at this time.