Germany immigration websites

Germany immigration websites, useful links, chat groups

The doc contains about the Germany information I.e. links or exhaustive documents about migrants and refugees. It covers all country on multiple aspects like asylum, housing, education, healthcare and others.

Germany immigration websites, useful links, chat groups – Welcome to Europe

For freedom of movement: Independent information for refugees and migrants coming to Europe  (English)  (Arabic)  (Farsi)  (French)  

Rights in Exile Programme

List of pro bono legal assistance providers is a directory of organizations, lawyers, and others who are able to assist refugees free-of-charge in legal matters and help secure refugee rights. This list may also be of use to legal providers assembling and arguing cases elsewhere in the world for information on country of origin, case development, and other help.

Map overview of local initiatives for refugees:

Pro Asyl

Advise, state level refugee councils.

+49 (0)69-242 314 20

Germany useful links, healthcare, health insurance, doctors, clinics, mental health, hygiene, hospitals (Video for asylum seekers needing to see a doctor) (translation when at doctors) (Translations of anamnesis- and examination-transcripts) (Health brochure, different languages) (questionnaire) (for ‘sick without papers’) (list of psychosocial service centres across Germany)

Germany links, emergency, police, free food, homeless shelter, help support hotlines, other

Organisation similar to Asylum Links EU that replies to questions:

News Sources in other languages , (English) ,  (Arabic),refugeeradio108.html (radio) (Arabic, Dari, English)

Football for refugees

There are also great FB pages for people living in Berlin who will give away clothes, furniture, appliances, electronics, public transportation tickets and anything really!:

Opening a bank account


Arabic: (info on insurance, mobile ohones, moving-in, shopping online, copyright, saving energy, avoiding mould, food packaging, collection letters,

Germany links, hotels, renting, buying, housing, shelter, accommodation, camps

How to apply for asylum in Germany

Applying for asylum can be a long, complicated process.

Allemagne : Camps/Accommodation on arrival


Help in finding apartments, jobs, education & integration Berlin

Germany links, employment, jobs, work permits, bank account, cash transfer (English) (Farsi)

How to get a workpermit – guide in German

A guide in German language explaining about the various conditions (depending on the status of residence) for getting a work permit in Germany:

Opening a bank account


Arabic: (info on insurance, mobile ohones, moving-in, shopping online, copyright, saving energy, avoiding mould, food packaging, collection letters, (List of social welfare organisations/protestant churches)

Kontakt- und Beratungsstelle für Flüchtlinge und Migrant_innen e.V. Advise Oranienstr. 159, 10969 Berlin-Kreuzberg Phone: 030 / 614 94 00


(Have many translated official docuemnts

Germany links, unaccompanied minors, young people, children

JMD (Youth Migration Service) (12-27 year-olds) (general info, different languages)

Federal Association for uncaccompanied minors (


Youth Migration Service Across Germany

Germany links, women, men, LGBTQ+, elderly, disability, minorities, diasporas

Queer Refugees info website on asylum, counselling, law, family reunion

Germany links, education, school, university, enrolment

Websites for learning (English) (English, online course) (Arabic) (Course finder, online courses) (online course) (learning German for Farsi speakers) (English for Arabic speakers) (app for children) (language app)

German-Arabic dictionary / phrasebooks (English, avialble in different languages) (Translation/Dictionary)

Integration course finder

Internship finder (English) (Arabic)

Universities offering programs for refugees (English) (Arabic) (online university for refugees)

Assessment test

Assesses the general and subject-related abilities for academic studies. It assists refugees in continuing or starting academic studies in Germany. Universities use TestAS individually or as part of uni-assist’s documentation-examination procedure for refugees.

Scholarships for Syrians

Employment (Jobs, internships, apprenticeships) (English) Jobs specifically for refugees and interested employers (German)

https://www.jobbö (German) (English, links HR and refugees)

Germany links, visa, asylum, travel documents, passports, identity cards (list of contacts)

Short answer to main questions concerning the asylum process

How to seek asylum for Berlinäuft_ein_Asylverfahren_ab_Überblickstext_Englisch.pdf (English)äuft_ein_Asylverfahren_ab_Überblickstext_Arabisch.pdf (Arabic)

Info film for hearing at BAMF (different languages):

Info on hearings with the BAMF (different languages): (BAMF website info)

Information on rights (German) (family reunion info) THIS LINK DOES NOT WORK

Family reunification (English)

Family reunification for Syrian refugees. Language can be changed to Arabic!! (subsidary protection info English) (subsidary protection fino Arabic)

Requirements to apply for reunification of families in Berlin. (Welcome Center)

Aida – Asylum Information Database Report

Mapping asylum procedures, reception conditions, detention and content of protection in Europe

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