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Germany, known as the Federal Republic of Germany. It is widely known for its lower unemployment rate and lack o jobs in many fields. There are many strict rules imposed by the German government to control unemployment. They have imposed stringent rules and many immigration regulations. Most of these rules are introduced for the ones who wish to join its territory through the Schengen area. These rules and policies are familiar to all Schengen Member States.

However, there are categories and nationals of some countries that are fortunate to be visa-free in Germany. Other than this, there are some residents as well who have gone through the criteria. These citizens need to attend interviews to receive visa permits. This visa permit will give them access to enter the country of Western Europe.

How Can Indians apply for Germany Visa?

Indian people remain among the most frequent visitors to the Schengen Region. They also have a slightly high demand for German visas than many countries. There are 1,324 billion South Asian countries, of which about 1 million visited Europe in 2017 alone. Around one hundred fifty-three thousand nine hundred sixty-one of them applied for German visas. Germany was the first or the only country they intended to visit in Europe.

In some cases, Indians nationals also face it challenging to obtain Germany’s visa. They also failed sometimes to get the correct information regarding “visa for Germany.” The application process and several documents are sometimes difficult to arrange.

Visa Fees for Germany

The applicant will have to make payment before attending the visa interview. The visa fees are required to get your German visa processed. A critical condition for your visa application is the fee payment. The cost of your visa fee for Germany depends on the visa form you are applying for.

German Short-Stay Visa Category Fee in Rupees
Airport Transit visa Rs 6,972.56
Children between 6-12 years of age Rs 3,485.66
Short stay visa  (Adults) Rs 6,972.56
Nationals from Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Russia. Rs 3050.50
Children are younger than 6 years of age.     Free

Visa Application Requirements for Germany

The German visa application is very much simpler, as the majority of the process is made online. Before applying for a German visa, you need to complete some of the documents. These documents need to submit along with your visa application. Also, it is recommendable to complete all your documents before scheduling an appointment. While applying from India, you can apply through the German Embassy or Consulate nearest to you. Through the short-term or Schengen visa, you can also visit multiple countries. However, Germany will be the country where you need to stay longer from any other country. The applicant can also apply for the Schengen visa if they intend to visit multiple countries. If there is no substantial difference between the days, you can also apply for the Schengen visa for this. In this case, they need to specify that Germany is the first port of entry to the Schengen Country. The list of documents required by the German Embassy or Consulate depends on the type of visa you are applying for. The list may differ from visa to visa. It is preferable to confirm it once with the embassy. Here is the list of the documents required.

 Fill the Application form.

Applicants need to start filling up the application form online. They need to download the form from their official website. Applicants need to complete this form accurately. Also, make sure that all the information you have entered about yourself is truthful. It is advisable to have capital letters, so handwriting does not become a problem.

The first time Schengen visa applicants need to make an appointment by going to the Embassy. The applicant needs to go to the embassy and handover all the required documents and the application form. In other cases, the applicant can hand over the scanned documents by mail. They can submit their documents to the Embassy or Consulate as well.


To apply for a Schengen Visa for Germany, your passport must be valid for a minimum of 6 months before the due date. The applicants need to renew their passport if their passport is expiring in this period.

Requirement for Photograph

Applicants need to submit two images as per the application form. Also, your photograph needs to be the latest and will not be older than three months. Ideas must apply to certain conditions that you find here!


The applicants need to provide evidence of booked and paid accommodation in Germany. They can submit the hotel reservation if they are going for business work. Along with all other documents, they need to submit this as well to the Embassy / Consulate.

However, if you stay with friends/relatives, it is mandatory to submit a copy of their ID and passport. Also, you need to submit some other documentation that they will help you stay at their house.


If your purpose for visiting Germany is tourism/leisure, you must also submit a copy of your comprehensive itinerary.

Statement of Banks

The applicants need to submit a copy of their bank statements for at least the last three months. A written explanation of your financial condition from the bank is obligatory.

The Status

  • If you are a student, you need to provide evidence of enrollment in a tertiary school—a formal letter from the designated authorities regarding your travel permission.
  • If you are a working person and going for tourism to Germany, you need to provide some other documents. They need to submit a note specifying that your employer approves you to take the annual leave for that period.
  • If the applicant has his or her own company, then they must send all their official paperwork. The self-employed applicants can provide the following documents.
    • A copy of CK1 Registration Papers / VAT Registration
    • Name and evidence of business activities.

The Minors

  • Among other items, minors must hand in their original birth certificate.
  • Minors must submit their parents’ consent, represented by a signature on the application form. Also, a formal letter is appreciated if they are traveling alone.
  • If one of the parents travels with them, the consent of both parents is still required.

Germany’s Visa Application Process

  • Phase 1: Plan your application for a visa
    • Complete the application form and get it signed. Do collect all the documentation needed before applying for the application.
    • Please ensure that you fill the full form. Also, please print, sign, and carry your Visa appointment with you when attending your interview at the embassy. It will not consider handwritten forms.
  • Phase 2-Making an appointment
    • Before you can go to the Application Center to apply your paperwork for a German VISA, you must reserve an appointment. All visa applications are only approved if you have made a previous appointment.
  • Phase 3: Go to the Centre of Application
    • The applicant’s appointment letter will get checked after you arrive at the Application Center. Afterward, you will be provided with a token for your turn. Please reach on time at the application center for your appointment. If you are late for more than 10 minutes, the Embassy will not process your visa application. The applicants need to get your appointment rescheduled for the next time.
  •  Phase 4 -Submission of visa applications
    • Generally, the submission process takes 10 minutes to complete. They will search and validate your documentation and visa application form.
    • If the visa application form is incomplete, your application will get rejected. There can be other reasons as well for the rejection of your application. You may have not organized the documents properly according to the order required. It may also get rejected if you have not given all the correct photocopies of documents. you will need to collect another token.
  • Phase 5 -Collection of biometric data
    • The Biometrics information will happen once the application will get completed. The visa center officials will take your information using a quick procedure. It collects a 10-digit fingerprint scan using a digital finger scanner. Per the applicant, this will typically take 7-8 minutes.
    • Congratulations, your visa application process has now got completed. This request will then sent to the Consulate or Embassy for processing on the next business day. As this is necessary to collect your passport, make sure to keep the payment receipt.


Please be aware that appointments are free of charge for national visas. You can only obtain an official VFS Service Fee invoice with the appointment confirmation. VFS will provide you the fees receipt. The official Embassy or Consulate visa fee will only be payable on the day of your appointment to the VFS or the Embassy or Consulate. For VFS and Embassy or Consulate expenses, you can receive official receipts.

Please be aware of any “fraudulent organizations or institutions” that charge a fee in advance. They may charge you a fees to make an appointment for VFS Global or the Embassy. No “other institutions or organizations” are collaborating with either the Embassy or Consulate or VFS Global. To arrange meetings, we strongly recommend that you visit the VFS Global website or the Contact Centre.
The Embassy will not log appointments easily.


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