Get Information about Venezuela Visa!

Venezuela is situated on South America’s northern coast.  With a population of about 3.7 crores, It is popular for oil, pretty women, Star Falls, and baseball players. If you’re planning to visit Venezuela. For a holiday, research, business meeting, and just work. Then apply for a Venezuela Visa.

How Does It Take Venezuela Visa Process?

As per the Republica-de-Venezuela. The visa process takes 2 to 15 days. It depends on which embassy and immigration office you are working with.

Fees of Visa :

U.S. people should apply for – Visa three months before the tour.
According to the note-
  • It costs a U.S. resident $30.
  • Tourist Visa fee: $35 for access to three months.
  • Rs 4500 with three months.
  • Business Visa fee: $70 for six months, 
  • Rs 4500 for three months 
  • Student Visa fee: $70 for 12 months.


Types of Visa & Requirements :

Tourist visa Requirements: 

  • The Passport 
  • The Photograph
  • Flight Tickets
  • Your Medical Reports 
  • Bank  account Statements

Eligibility Criteria For visa :

  • The purpose of the visit must be real. 
  • You must ensure a medically fit.
  • Must have  good condition 
  • You should have enough balance in your bank account.
  • Must have a reason to return.

Business visa Requirements: 

  •  The Passport 
  • A Photograph.
  • Your flight Tickets. 
  • Must have Medical Reports 
  • Bank Statement of the current company.
  • Invitation Letter Of Company.
  • Company Registration Certificate.

Eligibility Criteria For Business visa :

  • Purpose of the visit. 
  • Should have medically fit.
  • Must have good condition 
  • Should have enough balance.
  • You should have a purpose to return back 
  • Don’t have any criminal records 

Student visa Documents: 

  • The Passport 
  • A Photograph
  • Your flight Tickets 
  • All Medical Reports 
  • Bank Statements.
  • Letter Of University
  • A notarized document.

Criteria For Student visa :

  •  The purpose of the visit.
  • Should have medically fit.
  • Must have good condition.
  • Should have enough balance.
  • Must have a reason to return.
  • Shouldn’t have any criminal records.

If you are an Indian citizen. And you want to apply for a visa in Venezuela. Here is the link. You can directly click on that. And can easily apply for it.

Fill the above form. Apply for it. Fill in all the necessary details required. Don’t forget to read all the terms and conditions mentioned there. Before applying got through them.

The Venezuela visa look like this-

Embassies and Consulates

The U.S. Department of State advises that U.S. people remaining in Venezuela leave. More details can be found inside the U.S. Department of State’s Venezuela Travel Warning. The U.S. Embassy in Caracas suspended operations on March 13, 2019. Thus can not offer security or consular services to U.S. citizens in Venezuela.


Please contact us one of the following if you are an American citizen in Venezuela. The one who needs help or if you have an interest in a U.S. citizen in Venezuela:

Email at: [email protected], [email protected]; or

Call at 1-888-407-4747 (from the U.S. & Canada).

+1-202-501-4444 (from Overseas).

Description of definition

The State Department alerts U.S. citizens of Venezuela against their travel. The most recent Travel Warning needs to get checked by travelers.
The situation in Venezuela is political, economic, and security. At the moment, two political parties are fighting. It also controls the executive, judiciary branches, and the military and security forces. It is generally maintained by Nicolas Maduro, former President.

Food, water, medicine, electricity, and other resources shortages have resulted in social unease. Actions under the regime include eroding guarantees for the security of human rights. The use of abuse and other human rights abuses to anti-government demonstrations. Arresting or detaining them and pervasive government corruption. In all Venezuela, violent crime is common. Murders, abductions, attacks, and robberies take place all over the world.

Requirements for entry, exit, and visas

You’ve got to:

  • A valid passport for the United States in good condition.
  • It should have a validity of at least six months from the Venezuelan arrival date. and
  • Valid visa for Venezuela. Upon arrival, travel documents are not valid.

Visas Applications

Interim President Guaido has named a Venezuelan ambassador. The one who gets approved by the US government. And who is not available for visa processing in the Venezuelan embassy. For information about the potential availability of visa facilities. Please contact the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington.

Officials of immigration often need evidence of housing. You can only reach Venezuela using official crossing points. To confirm your legal entry, you must collect an entry stamp.


Before arriving in the country, journalists must have the required work visas. Foreign journalists were recently imprisoned for failing to get enough permits. The accreditation process takes time. So it is recommended that journalists apply well before their date of travel.

Airport safety:

You should arrive and leave during daylight hours. The US State Department has told of abuse by panhandlers. Demanding US Dollars against travelers arriving at Maiquetia Airport. The US Department of State advises that passengers arrive at their place of lodgement.
More information could get found in “Safety and Security”. The “Local Law and special circumstances” sections below on taxis, currency, and tips.

Margarita Island:

Venezuela uses biometric devices to record all Margarita Island passengers’ images and fingerprints. When traveling to the island, please take your passport with you.
In the past, the Maduro regime closed the border. That has affected commercial flight and maritime trade.

Travel with children

Venezuela’s children’s ward requires that minors, under 18 years old. The ones of any nationality who travel on their own. Or with only one parent or with a third party, must have a formal, notarized permit for a non-parent. Where documents have been prepared outside Venezuela. The permit and birth certificate must get translated into Spanish by the Embassy of Venezuela. Also by the notary and certified by the Venezuelan consulate. More information on international child abduction prevention.

Dual Nationality

Venezuelan law allows Venezuelan citizens to enter Venezuela. So you must prepare with valid the U.S. and passports between Venezuela and the US. If you have dual U.S.-Venezuelan nationalities. See our website for more information on dual national entry and exit requirements.

Visas for residents

If you live in Venezuela, you have to prepare to renovate your visa well in advance of expiry. U.S. Venezuelan residents have trouble and delays with the renovation. The immigration authorities of Venezuela must foreigners to prove their identity.
Make sure you get valid Venezuelan house documents while you live in Venezuela. Do not hire brokers to buy resident visas and/or work permits in Venezuela. You could expect to sign a visa in person at Caracas’ headquarters. The Administrative Service of Identity, Migration, and Foreign Affairs (SAIME).


Yellow Fever:
Travelers from certain countries entering must have a certificate of yellow fever vaccination. Bring with you your international vaccination certificate (or yellow card). That may enable you to show it when you arrive.
Measles, diphtheria, cotton disease, and chickenpox are widespread in Venezuela’s public health. Travelers should ensure that all regular immunizations prescribed get obtained.
The US State Department is unaware of any ban on entry to or outside Venezuelan visitors to HIV / AIDS. Be aware, that HIV / AIDS medicines are often not available.
Customs: Travelers can contact the nearest Venezuelan embassy. Or can consulate for up-to-date information about visas, taxes, and customs requirements.
Security and protection


There are regular political marches and protests in all areas of Venezuela. Avoid marches, since even peaceful protests may be violent or detained. Follow local media coverage or get in touch with the United States.
Register for the US Security Updates Smart Traveler Enrollment (STEP) Program. State Department, including upcoming demonstration warnings (see above).


  • Crime in Venezuela is brutal. Be always alert to the environment. Take personal safeguards to prevent being a victim of crime.
  • Keep the profile low.
  • Bring the smallest possible U.S. currency.
  • Do not show signs of money, such as costly watches or diamonds.
  • Stop the visibility of mobile phones or other electronic devices.
  • Even in high-quality residential areas, stay cautious.
  • Don’t travel.
  • Be extra cautious when you visit banks or ATMs.
  • Community travel.
  • Offer a family member or friend your itinerary.
  • Stop nighttime journeys.


In Venezuela, in 2018, 23,047 deaths from violence resulted in a figure of 81 deaths. From violence per 100,000 inhabitants, among the highest in the world.


Abduction is a significant issue.
Digital kidnappings: Criminals gather information about minors. Use the data to ransom parents without taking children.
Domestic staff is paying large quantities of money for keys. The information to protect children for ransom.


Venezuela has an aggressive drug trade. Don’t accept anybody’s packages and always carry your baggage with you. American citizens get engaged to work as narcotics couriers. To serve on lengthy terms of incarceration in Venezuela under harsh conditions. U.S. people detained at the airport with drugs in their own hands can expect.

Public transport

Do not use city and subway (subway) transport in Caracas.

Stop driving

Avoid driving. If you’re driving, be mindful of tunnel attacks to avoid road hurdles.

International Airport of Maiquetia

Daylight hours only to and from Maiquetía International Airport near Caracas. Compliance, burglary, fraud, and mugging are commonplace. Enforcement. Be vigilant against any outsider, including those with official identification and uniforms. Do not pack in checked baggage valuables or papers.

Do not pack in checked baggage valuables or papers. Persons with official uniforms. Bearing airports like kidnapping, theft, or forcing to sign Spanish documentation. They get involved in crimes inside an airport that they do not understand.
Make advance travel arrangements with a trusted party. Send a taxi service from the airport to your hotel or destination.


The use of major credit cards gets encouraged, but you are aware of the common theft of credit card data. Do not use checks from passengers. U.S. currency could get exchanged at the licensed exchange bureaux. A bolivar sovereign is hard to get the local currency. Because cash is scarce. Usually, the use of U.S. foreign currency in trade for goods or services is illegal in Venezuela. Also, with a bank account in Venezuela, regular cash withdrawals are small amounts.


U.S. debit or credit card is not allowed in most ATMs, and errors occur. Use the ones in the public places that are well lit. ATM data are also compromised and used to revoke users’ accounts unauthorized. Criminals threaten ATMs to rob retired persons. There is no cash in many ATMs.

Crime Victims

Contact the local and US police if you, or anybody you know, are victims of a crime. State Department. State Department.

Columbian Border

the area is dangerous within a 50-mile radius throughout the border with Venezuela. In these regions, there also occurs cross-border crime, trafficking in drugs, and smuggling. Some of those abducted got released after settlements. They get paid for and, others get assassinated. Don’t try to cross the border with the country. Venezuela’s Government closes the border crossings with Colombia.


The Venezuelan Civil Aeronautical National Institute got encouragement. To consult with private plane companies and operators about current legislation and regulations.


‘There is no working infrastructure in the tourism sector. Tourists get viewed as engaging at their own risk in events. There is no in-country emergency response and adequate medical care. U.S. residents get required to buy insurance for medical evacuation. For more information about insurance companies serving foreign countries, see our website.

Unique cases and local legislation

Judicial penalties

You are subject to local law in Venezuela and you may get detained or detained on account of your breach. Here, photographs of delicate structures, including the presidential palace, military bases, government buildings are illegal. The Venezuelan authorities have viewed drug trafficking as a serious problem in Venezuela.
The smugglers convicted get sentenced to long jail terms, usually from 8 to 10 years. You won’t get help if you do something illegal in Venezuela.
Any crimes committed abroad, regardless of local law, can get prosecuted.

Consular Access

In recent years, U.S. citizens get imprisoned and detained. You will not be told of your arrest/detainment by the US Department of State. The activities of the U.S. got suspended. Consular visits to US people arrested are not possible at the Embassy in Caracas. The Venezuelan government limits consular access to US citizens. To those who are also Venezuelan, and access in these situations can never take granted. Detainees could not get required to get prosecuted. If you get detained, ask the U.S. To Notify the Ministry of State.

Currency and Trade

Strict exchange controls got maintained by the Venezuelan government. Regulated exchange houses are in the vicinity of the majority of major hotels. Further currency details can be found on the website of the Central Bank in Spanish.

Avoid exchanging black markets. You will find people in Venezuela who are willing to swap US dollars. At a much better rate than the official exchange rates. Under Venezuelan foreign exchange controls these “black market” currency exchanges are banned. Venezuelan authorities can detain and impose criminal sanctions on travelers.

Credit cards

Most big US credit cards got allowed in stores, restaurants, and other businesses. Credit card fraud is still a big concern. Review your records to make sure there are no unauthorized costs.

Wire transfers

Wire transfers can not get used as emergency funding recently.

Women Traveler Information

Please check our travel tips for Women Travelers if you are a woman visiting abroad.

LGBTI Rights

No legal limits are in effect in Venezuela on same-sex or holding LGBTI activities. You can read the State Department’s annual Country Reports on Human Rights Policies for more details. on LGBTI rights in Venezuela. Please see our LGBTI Travel Information page for more information.