Best gift ideas for world environment day

Every year on June 5th, World Environment Day is commemorated to raise awareness about growing environmental challenges such as marine pollution, global warming, sustainable consumption, and wildlife crime.
Purchasing environmentally friendly gifts demonstrates that you have given additional care to the things you have purchased because you are concerned about the environment.

Best gift ideas for world environment day

Give your loved one the blessing of nature we have collected the best gifts for World Environment Day.

Lotus Flower Seeds Pink & White Colors 15 Seeds

But at 199 Rupees

Why gift a lotus seed to your loved one? 

Can be helpful for anyone recovering from an injury or stressful event

The daily regeneration of the lotus flower is fascinating, and it is unmistakably symbolic of rebirth. (This makes it an ideal present for anyone recovering from an injury or stressful event.) The flower, on the other hand, has a compelling drive to survive. A lotus seed may survive thousands of years without water and still germinate after more than two centuries.

Futaba Fragrance Tulips seeds

Why gift Tulips seed to your loved one? 

Tulips are typically associated with ideal love. Tulips, like many other flowers, come in a variety of colors, each with its own meaning. Tulips in red are connected with pure love, whereas purple tulips are connected with royalty. Tulips in white are used to proclaim one’s worth or to convey a message of forgiveness.

Rose Plant

Why gift rose plants to your loved ones? 

Roses represent God’s love at work in the world in all of its forms, yet different colors of roses represent distinct spiritual notions. White roses are associated with purity and holiness. Passion and sacrifice are symbolized by red roses. Yellow roses are associated with knowledge and happiness. Pink flowers are associated with appreciation and tranquility.

Lemon Tree

Lemon trees represent cleanliness, freshness, and healing on a spiritual level. It is a symbol of love, dedication, and romance. Lemons, like travel, purify and revitalize our minds, bodies, and spirits. It’s like a dance with the globe, where you fall in love with each destination and fantasize about life abroad.

Banana Tree

Banana leaves have a variety of symbolic connotations. Banana leaves are a symbol of bountiful fertility in Africa, and they are utilized in a fertility ritual to make women fertile. Did you know that the blooms that turn into banana fruit are sterile? Buddha made the banana plant a symbol of the futility of earthly possessions because of this.