Healthcare and good hospitals and clinics

Austria provides one of the best health care facilities in the world. And access to medical services is considered to be perfect  in international terms. The high rates of cost increases in recent years. And the way in which competences for various parts of the health care system. 

The principle of statutory health insurance, combined with the co-insurance of children and non-working partners, ensures that 99% of the entire population enjoy health insurance coverage.

  • Public expenditure on healthcare (according to ESSPROS) almost USD 30.3 billion (EUR 22 billion) in 2011.
  • Outpatient and inpatient care account for most (81%) of this expenditure.
  • Irrespective of their individual amount of health insurance contributions, all individuals covered by any one of Austria’s social health insurance schemes are entitled to medical care by office-based physicians or hospitals.


Although statutory health insurance is  gainful a activity. It is the scope of an insurance for workers and various people. Insurance cover relates not only to direct insurers but also to family members. Roughly one fourth of health insured individuals are co-insured family members (e.g. children, housewives or househusbands). Co-insurance is non-contributory for the following groups: 

  • children
  • individuals who care for the children or have done so for at least four years (e.g. non-working partner) 
  • nursing family members and beneficiaries of long-term care benefits 
  • particularly vulnerable individuals in need of social pro¬tection 

Hospitals and Clinics in Austria

Austrians enjoy an excellent standard of care, and foreigners from around the world have been traveling to Austria for many years to access advanced medical treatments and services.

Austrian hospitals ans clinics are known all over the world for efficiency and affordable prices. Hospital standards are considered one of the largest in Europe, waiting times are comparatively low and emergency procedures are very quick to resolve.

Take look here!! List of good hospitals.

1. Dobling Private Hospital

Airport: Vienna 26 km
Train station: 1,5 km
Next public transport: 250 m

2. Falkensteiner Grand MedSpa Marienbad

Airport: Prague 170 km
Train station: 2 km
Next public transport: 100 m

3. Wehrle-Diakonissen Private Hospital

Airport: Salzburg 11 km
Train station: 3 km
Next public transport: 1 km

4. Confraternität Private Hospital

Airport: Vienna 25 km
Train station: 3,5 km
Next public transport: 100 m

5. Graz Ragnitz Private Hospital

Airport: Graz 15 km
Train station: 5 km
Next public transport: 200 m