Healthcare and good hospitals in the Republic of the Congo.

Healthcare system in the Republic of the Congo

Local public hospitals and medical facilities are severely craft, which means they are unable to provide much effective treatment options on par with those of western standards. Healthcare and Good Hospitals in the Republic of the Congo  are extremely limited with roughly 20 physicians per 100,000 persons. If you are seeking for medical treatment within the Republic of Congo, doctors and clinics will expect immediate payment for services.


Private health clinics

There are modern, private health care clinics and hospitals available in Brazzaville and Pointe. If you get ill in this country during traveling, went immediately to either city for treatment. Prices are expected is high in these establishments, so essential you have a valid health insurance policy for safety.

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People planning to visit the Republic of the Congo should invest in an international health insurance policy, which covers your’s medical emergency evacuation by air ambulance and repatriation, if necessary. Hospitals and clinics are:

1. H.J. Hospitals

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  (27) · Hospital
Address: Kinshasa, Congo – Kinshasa
Hours: Open 24 hours
 +243 815 586 555

2. Pioneer Christian Hospital

Pioneer Christian Hospital is a 60-bed general mission hospital in the heart of the Congo River Basin Rainforest. The mission of Pioneer Christian Hospital is to provide health and hope to those who need it most. The hospital’s location in Impfondo, Capital of the Likouala Region, on the banks of the Oubangui River, a major tributary of the Congo River, provides ready access to the Equateur Province of Democratic Republic of Congo (Kinshasa), Central African Republic, Cameroun, and the rest of Republic of Congo (Brazzaville), via established river, road, and air routes.

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Address: Impfondo, Congo – Brazzaville

3. Hôpital Biamba Marie Mutombo

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Address: Kinshasa, Congo – Kinshasa
+243 812 235 424

4. Panzi Hospital

Panzi Hospital in Bukavu, the capital of the Sud-Kivu province in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It specializes in treating survivors of violence, the large majority of whom have been sexually abused. After years of military rape in South Kivu, there is increased civilian adoption of sexual violence.

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Address: Congo – Kinshasa
Hours: Open 24 hours ·
 +243 894 153 354

5. Kinshasa General Hospital

Kinshasa General Hospital is a hospital in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. It was known as Mama Yemo Hospital. The 2000-bed hospital registers over 3,000 consultations daily. It was one of the first places where AIDS was observed.

Image result for Kinshasa General Hospital

Address: Kinshasa, Congo – Kinshasa
· +243 823 419 373
 Healthcare and Good Hospitals in the Republic of the Congo.


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