Healthcare And Hospitals In Malaysia.

People also face the issue of choosing the best doctors in a foreign country. And also with various institutions whenever it came to medical expenses. This is because of Hospitals In Malaysia known for some specialization. Hospitals In Malaysia has expenses defined by the scope of care. Because they are subject to hospital management discretion.

Hospitals In Malaysia-

1. Gleneagles Medical Centre
  • Before regarded it is as the country’s most costly hospital.
  • The Gleneagles Medical Center has now fallen on the list of the modern era.
  • But more specialized facilities such as Prince Court and Sunway are also in these.
  • Gleneagles, but, continued to grow and develop.
  • Because they provide good health care services.
  • And also widely regarded as one of Malaysia’s leading healthcare facilities.
Timings: 12 A.M. to 11 P.M(Monday to Sunday)
Famous doctor
Name-Dr tanban hock billy
2. Pantai Hospital Group
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  • Pantai Hospital is one of Malaysia’s most developed health centers.
  • It also has branches all over the country that also includes Batu Pahat.
  • Sungai Petani, Klang, Ayer Keroh and others in Klang Valley.
  • Pantai Hospital in Bangsar is one of Malaysia’s top hospitals that is also very common.
  • Because of high-income classes.
Timings:10am to 9 pm(Monday to Sunday)
Famous doctor
Name-Dr Abdul Fahmi A.karim

3. KPJ Specialist Hospital

  • Within the KPJ Healthcare community, the KPJ Specialist Hospital runs.
  • Currently, these have 20 centers across Malaysia.
  • It has a large presence also rising overseas.
  • They owned and run by JCorp.
  • Because of its own medical school.
  • And also it is one of Malaysia’s largest health care networks.
Timings: 11 am to 10 pm(Monday to Sunday)
Famous doctor
Name-Dr ghao khyam yan

4. Prince Court Medical Centre

Petronas, the national oil and gas corporation. It also owns and operates this Medical Center.
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  • The national oil and gas corporation owns and operates this medical center.
  • Because this hospital offers a wide range of medical facilities.
  • And also its main center located in Jalan Kia Peng,
  • Prince Court Medical Centre ‘s dedication to providing outstanding customer care is also well established.
Timings: 12 am to 11 pm(Monday to Sunday)
Famous doctor
NameDr. Shanker Vinayagamoorthy

5. Sunway Medical Centre

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  • The Sunway Medical Centre has also many other business areas.
  • Also as land development, shopping and schooling.
  • And these are also managed and owned by the Sunway Group.
  • Because it is a multi-specialist hospital.
  • Also with some of the latest medical facilities.
  • This private and non-profit medical center is situated in the Sunway region.  
  • And also it is one of the Petaling Jaya region’s most favored hospitals.
2 am to 11 pm(Monday to Sunday)
Famous doctor
NameDr. Lee Foo Chiang
There are many hospitals. Because the best doctors do their job best jobs. And also Tourists, travelers, or asylum can easily receive assistance. Because these doctors mentioned below under poor health conditions.

Best Doctors in Malaysia-

DOCTORS: WIth name and their specialization.

Name-Teresa ChowDr. Teresa  Chow

Specialist-Obstetrician and Gynecologist

Office tel:+603-42534460

Work Experience- 6 years

Languages-English and French

Name- Devan Pillay

Dato' Dr. Devan  Pillay

Office tel:+6003-42519795


Experience-24 years

Language-English and Malay

Name-Premitha Damodaran

Dr. Premitha  Damodaran

Specialist-Obstetrician and Gynecologist

Office tel:+60322960685

Experience-20 years