Healthcare facilities in Colombia

Healthcare in Colombia

Healthcare services in Colombia is a Perfect Balance of High Quality, Ease of Access, and very Lower Cost. Health care services in Colombia ranked 22nd by the World Health Organization (WHO). Colombian health care services considered to be better than in some developed countries. More than 40% of the top hospitals in the whole of Latin America located in Colombia.

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Some Colombian hospitals are a part of the joint Commission International-accredited. It is also remarked as the gold standard in world health. These hospitals located in Bogota, Medellin, and one in Bucaramanga. There are many excellent hospitals and clinics which provide various services to patients. These hospitals provide services like cancer treatment, ICU services, transplants, joint replacements. Many other services are also provided in these hospitals.

Public Healthcare Plan

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The Colombian government has also provided a public healthcare plan for its citizens. This plan also known as the EPS (Entidades Promotoras de Salud) run by companies like SURA, and Coomera. Citizens can apply for the EPS with their residents or identity card. There is no age limit specified by the government to apply for the EPS coverage.

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Follow this three-step process to apply for EPS public health coverage:

1. Apply and get a Visa

For applying for the visa you need to contact and get to work with a trusted legal advisor. They will help you to apply for the type of visa that fits your circumstances. The most common type of visas are pensioners, real estate purchases, business owners, and business investment. The process to get a visa may take up to an average of two to six weeks.

2. Get your Cédula

Once your visa gets stamped in your passport, you need to go to Migración (immigration) office. This is to register your visa and apply for your cédula. You will need to complete a form by paying the applicable fees. After that, you need to give digital fingerprints and a photograph. This process usually takes two to three weeks for your card to get processed. After this, you need to pick your card form the immigration office.

3. Apply for EPS Insurance

Most of the retired ex-pats usually pay around 40 to 50 USD per month for their premium for EPS public insurance. This will be the same regardless of which company you choose for insurance. Insurers need to enter into contracts with specific hospitals and physicians which are lined with the EPS. The insured person must need to seek care within the network of approved providers.

Private Healthcare Plan

There are many private healthcare plans available from which you can opt. Your private healthcare insurance will work as building blocks for your treatment. EPS can also help you in the same way. So, having a private health care plan will eventually save a lot of money for you.

Some of the Best Hospitals in Colombia:


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