Healthcare in China

  • Healthcare in China consists of both public and private medical institutions and insurance programs. About 95% of the population has at least basic health insurance coverage. Despite this, public health insurance generally only covers about half of medical costs, with the proportion lower for serious or chronic illnesses. Under the “Healthy China 2020” initiative, China is currently undertaking an effort to cut healthcare costs, and the government requires that insurance will cover 70% of costs by the end of 2018.
  • The Chinese government is working on providing affordable basic healthcare to all residents by 2020. China has also become a major market for health-related multinational companies. Companies such as AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline, Eli Lilly, and Merck entered the Chinese market and have experienced explosive growth. China has also become a growing hub for health care research and development.


  • Beijing United Family Healthcare.
  • Peking Union Medical College Hospital, International Medical Services. AM CARE Women’s & Children’s Hospital.
  • China-Japan Friendship Hospital International Medical Center.
  • Shanghai Landseed International.

1. Beijing United Family Hospital

Beijing United Family Hospital and Clinics was the first international standard hospital established in China. It opened in 1997 as a joint venture between Chindex International, Inc. and the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. Beijing United Family was the first foreign-invested hospital to operate in China. In 2009, the hospital had 50 beds and sees over 2,500 patients every week with its 17 departments and services.

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The hospital has imported equipment and modern facilities and has the capability to diagnose and treat medical problems ranging from minor ailments to severe illness. Their 24-hour emergency and intensive care services are among the most advanced in Beijing.

Ratings: 4.4

Location: 2 Jiangtai Rd, Chaoyang, Beijing, China

Phone: +86 10 5927 7000

2. Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center

Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center abbreviated as SYSUCC, is a public hospital in Guangzhou, China. It is affiliated with Sun Yat-sen University. The hospital was founded in March 1964. It is a Level III Class A hospital (the highest rank in China) and the largest integrated cancer center in southern China for care, research, education, and prevention.

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SYSUCC is ranked among the top three cancer center’s in China and is one of the best in Asia. The current President of the center is Prof. Xu Rui-Hua.

Ratings: 4.7

Location: 651 Dongfeng E Rd, Yuexiu, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

Phone: +86 20 8734 3087

3. Clifford Hospital

Founded in 2001, it is the first hospital in China accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI). and it has been awarded China’s Level A Tertiary Hospital. Clifford Hospital covers an area of 90,000 square meters and has the capacity of 600 inpatients. It serves 3,000 outpatients per day. Clifford Hospital is an integrated general hospital with outpatient and inpatient departments and emergency units. It has more than 40 clinical and technical departments. Clifford Hospital presents a hotel-like environment that complies with international hospital management standards.

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Patients from over 120 countries have visited Clifford Hospital for treatment and preventive health care. Clifford hospital has nearly 20 years’ experience in providing health care for domestic patients in China mainland and foreign patients.

Ratings: 4.2

LocationPanyu, Guangzhou, China

Phone: +86 20 8451 8222

4. Haikou City People’s Hospital

The Haikou City People’s Hospital is located on Renmin Avenue, Haidian Island, Haikou City, Hainan Province, China.

The hospital was founded in 1901, and has a staff of 2,254 people. There are available 1,700 beds, with a further 1,200 planned. The hospital has a total floor space of 250,000 square meters, containing an approximately 500 million yuan worth of medical equipment.

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The main building on Renmin Avenue was constructed from about 2008 to 2011.

Ratings: 5.0

Location: 43 Renmin Ave, Meilan, Haikou, Hainan, China

Phone: +86 898 6615 1001

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