healthcare in norway

Healthcare in Norway

Norway offers free healthcare to all citizens. It is largely supported by general taxes and payroll contributions from the citizens. This contribution is done by both employers and employees split equally. It is automatic to enroll. Primary, ambulatory, mental health, hospital, as well as a few outpatient prescription medications, are all covered services. Patients must pay copayments for some treatments and goods. Most services have limits on their out-of-pocket expenses. Municipalities are responsible to provide primary healthcare. While the federal government, through state-owned regional health authority, is in charge of hospital services and specialized treatment. A small percentage of people about 10% have private insurance, mostly to have easier access to a wider range of private providers. The Norwegian healthcare system is founded on the principles of universal access, decentralization, and free choice of provider.

On a per-head basis, Norwegian expenditure on healthcare is the highest in the world. Every member of the Norwegian National Insurance scheme (broadly speaking, every resident of Norway) has the right to access healthcare services. Although treatment is not free, there is an annual limit on how much one individual has to pay for healthcare.

Healthcare in Norway

Norway is a beautiful nation with a lot of natural beauty. Knowing the locations of the hospitals is crucial if you’re relocating to or visiting Norway. To help you discover a hospital near where you are, we have created a list of all the hospitals in Norway. The top hospitals in Norway are mentioned here, allowing you to relax knowing that your health is in capable hands. This list is provided in the hopes that it may enhance your visit to our lovely nation.

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  1.  Local authorities at the municipal level organize and finance primary health care services according to local demand. The central Government has overall managerial and financial responsibility for the hospital sector.
  2. All public hospitals in Norway are run by four Regional Health Authorities (RHA) overseen by the Ministry of Health and Care Services. A small number of hospitals are privately owned. However, most private hospitals are funded by the public, and private health insurance is not at all commonplace.

Administration of healthcare

The national government’s role in delivering health care is to ensure that everyone has access to it, regardless of their social or economic circumstances or where they live. 1 It is in charge of directing, financing and regulating care delivery as well. However, the towns and the municipal councils jointly bear responsibility for the administration of care.

Local groups organize primary, preventative, and nursing care. Additionally, the municipalities make decisions on public health projects or campaigns to encourage healthy lifestyles and lessen social health inequities, sometimes in collaboration with the counties. By law, all towns must ensure that people have access to physiotherapy services that are publicly supported. Long-term care, which is excluded from universal health insurance, is another duty of municipalities.

The Norwegian Health Economics Administration Helfo, part of the Norwegian Directorate of Health, is your primary access point for healthcare administration in Norway. Through Helfo you can choose or change your regular GP, order a European Health Insurance Card and obtain reimbursement of medical expenses when appropriate. See Schengen visa info for more information.

Hospitals in Norway

The hospitals in Norway are among the best in the world. We have something for everyone, including cutting-edge science and stunning buildings. We have you covered whether you want to see one of our top doctors for treatment or just to get your blood pressure taken. There’s no excuse not to visit us when there are so many different hospitals kinds to pick from. You ought to have a wonderful time when you go to the hospital. Below are some of the top-rated hospitals in the Norway

University Hospital of North Norway

The University Hospital of North Norway or UNN is a hospital and health trust. UNN is a university hospital for the region which includes the counties of Nordland, Troms, and Finnmark. It is part of the Northern Norway Regional Health Authority. Its service area has a combined population of 465,000.

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LocationSykehusvegen 38, 9019 Tromsø, Norway

Ratings: 4.2

Phone:+47 77 62 60 00

Oslo University Hospital, Rikshospitalet

Oslo University Hospital, Rikshospitalet is one of the four main campuses of Oslo University Hospital in Oslo, Norway. It was an independent hospital, Rigshospitalet, later spelled Rikshospitalet, from 1826 to 2009, when it merged with other university hospitals in Oslo.

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Location: Sognsvannsveien 20, 0372 Oslo, Norway

Ratings: 4.3

Phone: +47 23 07 00 00

Sunnaas hospital

Sunnaas Hospital is a hospital in Nesodden, Norway, and a health trust under Helse Sor-ost. Sunnaas is the country’s largest specialized hospital in physical medicine and rehabilitation. Patient services include cancer services, brain injuries after accidents or disease, multiple injuries, burns, and neurology.

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Location: Bjørnemyrveien 11, 1453 Bjørnemyr, Norway

Ratings: 4.1

Phone:+47 66 96 90 00

Ringerike Hospital

Ringerike Hospital is a hospital that deals with patients from the Buskerud area, especially around Hønefoss. The hospital is part of Vestre Viken Hospital Trust of Southern and Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority. It is the main hospital for around 75,000 people, with a capacity for 872 inpatients.

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Location:  Arnold Dybsjords vei 1, 3511 Hønefoss, Norway

Ratings: 3.6

Phone: +47 03525