Hong Kong visa for Indians

Hong Kong visa for Indians

With many famous attractions and opportunities for sightseeing, Hong Kong is blessed. You’re going to find countless things to see and to do.
Nationals from 170 countries and territories can visit Hong Kong without a visa. And, depending on nationality, can stay for periods ranging from 7 days to 180 days. For stays of 90 days, 180 days for UK citizens, citizens of the US. Europe, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand do not need a visa to enter Hong Kong. To enter Hong Kong, nationals from Albania, Armenia, Cambodia, etc. need a visa.
All visitors to Hong Kong must have a passport that is valid for at least one month to six months. Depending on nationality after the time of their planned stay in Hong Kong.
If you want to mainland China from Hong Kong, you will need to apply for a visa from China. 

How to apply for Hong Kong SAR Visa? 

The primary visa requirements as per Chinese visa regulations are: 

I. Request for visas for Hong Kong SAR

1. For Indian nationals traveling to Hong Kong, a visa is not needed for the most stay of up to 14 days.

2. Applicants from foreign countries enjoying the benefit of a visa exemption. They do not need a visa to fly to Hong Kong. Please refer to the country list on the Embassy website for a specific visa-free stay in Hong Kong.

3. For applicants who would remain in Hong Kong longer than the visa-free period. Such as Indians who would like to stay longer than 14 days. Or foreigners who do not enjoy the luxury of a visa exemption. The request should also be sent directly to the Immigration Department of Hong Kong. Or via the Chinese Embassy in India. It can take 4-6 weeks to process such applications.

4. To apply for a visit visa, the Chinese Embassy should issue with the following documents:

(a) Photocopy of passport information and 1 form with 2 photos for a visa application.

(b) Supporting documentation such as financial statements, employment, or business certificates.

(c) For commercial purposes, a cover letter from a corporation. Or the agency of the applicant and a letter of invitation from a corporation. Or trade fair, or international conference in Hong Kong.

(d) Tourism itinerary and hotel arrangements in Hong Kong for tourism purposes. Personal information of relatives or sponsors, including names, addresses, and telephone numbers.

5. The conditions for applying for educational, jobs, and training visas are as follows:

  • A. Education: Education:
    • Application type ID (E) 936, duly completed and signed, with the related parts;
    • A letter of approval from the school that the applicant wishes to enroll in;
    • If the applicant is under 18, then parents should approve the applicant’s guardian. The applicant’s parents should sponsor his relative. The letter of consent signed by both the guardian. And one of the parents of the applicant and by the guardian should be produced.
    • Evidence of the financial status of the sponsor. E.g., bank accounts, saving account passbook, tax refunds, and certificates of employment;
    • An undertaking which is prepared by the sponsor to arrange accommodation. For the applicant or the applicant to remain with the applicant. Or proof that a position in a recognized boarding school has been provided.
    • Evidence of past residence in Hong Kong of the claimant (if any).
    • Other documents sought by the officer concerned to support the request on a case-by-case basis.
  • B. Occupation:

1. Application type ID (E) 936, duly completed and signed, with the related parts;
2. A copy of the Certificate of Business Registration. Certificate of Incorporation of Incorporation and Articles of Association of the sponsor.
3. Financial status income tax return and profit tax return of the sponsor company.
4. List of business workers with salaries offered and positions held. And a list of expatriate employees before or currently recruited from abroad.
5. A copy of the applicant’s contract of service. Or a letter of appointment containing information on the post, wages, and benefits.
6. Description of the applicant’s post in full;
7. The proof of the academic credentials and experience of the candidate relevant. E.g., copies of diplomas, certificates, and testimonials.
8. A letter with supporting evidence from the employer. It should be explaining the reason why the opening can not be filled locally;
9. If the applicant is to replace someone already employed in Hong Kong. The personal information and whereabouts of the applicant should be given (if known).
10. Explain why its services are necessary if the applicant is to fill a new position.
11. Evidence of past house in Hong Kong of the claimant (if any).
12. Other documents sought by the officer concerned to support the request on a case basis.

What is pre-arrival registration (PAR)?

It is a scheme that the government of Hong Kong initiated for visa-free provision. It allows 14 days per entry for Indian nationals. In January 2017, this policy went into practice.

How long is the Hongkong PAR valid? 

PAR enables you to remain with a Multiple Entry form for 14 days per entry. This document may be used for 180 days after it has been released or before your Indian passport expires.

Pre-arrival online registration for Indian nationals to visit Hong Kong

Indian nationals will need to complete online pre-arrival registration. For a stay of up to 14 days, Indian residents can visit Hong Kong visa-free. 

Indian nationals must apply for and complete online pre-arrival registration. Before Jan 23, 2017, they can continue to enjoy the current 14-day visa-free visit or enter Hong Kong.

An Indian national must access the Pre-arrival Registration for the Indian Nationals portal. Pre-arrival enrollment is free of charge. 

The computer system will process the registration after the information has been obtained. It will then display the registration result instantly. 

Every Indian national’s pre-arrival registration will be valid for six months. Or until the expiry date of the Indian passport associated with it, whichever is earlier. Registrants can stay in Hong Kong for up to 14 days on each visit.

On arrival in Hong Kong, will Indian passport holders get a visa?

Though Hong Kong is part of China, Hong Kong is also a Special Administrative Area (HKSAR). It means that it has different visa requirements. Indians can apply for a visa on arrival. Indians coming to Hong Kong for a short stay without pre-registration can get Visas at the border. Today Indians coming to Hong Kong need to pre-register for a visa.

Visa for India on arrival in Hong Kong

As of Jan 23, 2017, before coming to the HKSAR for 14 days or less. Indian nationals must complete a Hong Kong pre-arrival registration (PAR). Indian citizens are expected to complete online pre-registration for a Hong Kong visa. Suppose they have an Indian passport valid for at least six months. And are intending to visit or transit through Hong Kong can stay for 14 days. It includes direct transfer situations where the traveler is not leaving the airport.

Indian passport holders must complete a simple online Hong Kong pre-registration form. For Indian citizens, it will take less than 20 minutes to get on arrival visa for Hong Kong. To ensure authorization, Indian nationals must complete registration with their passport details. They are taking care to ensure that all the data is accurate. Applicants must also pick one of the pre-defined identification questions proposed during registration. Those questions must be acknowledged by them.

The result of the application will be visible on the screen after the completion of the form.

To be displayed at the Hong Kong border upon arrival. You should print the pre-arrival registration certificate on blank A4 paper. Indian passport holders, once registered, check the status of an online Hong Kong visa. In the event of the failure of the Hong Kong PAR. Applicants also have the option of reprinting the registration notice slip before arrival.

Visa for Hong Kong on arrival exemptions

The Pre-registration for the Indian nationals who are intending to visit Hong Kong for less than 14 days. It is compulsory for entry in Hong Kon. Indian citizens will be able to get the requisite authorization. They can visit Hong Kong via the Hong Kong PAR application form. Some exceptions, however, exist. In the following circumstances, the Hong Kong PAR will not be needed:

  • Indian diplomatic passport or the holder of an official passport.
  • Hong Kong travel pass holders.
  • Indian nationals registered as regular visitors to the e-Channel service.
  • Cases of direct travel where the passenger does not exit the travel zone of the airport.
  • Indians who have given an unconditional stay with the right of residency. Or the right to land in Hong Kong.
  • Laissez-Passer, United Nations holders, come to the HKSAR on official United Nations business.
  • Indian nationals operating aircrew or operating sea crew, subject to usual immigration conditions. These follow those who have obtained a valid Hong Kong entry visa. And have proper jobs, study, or residency permits.

Most Indian passport holders are planning to stay longer in the HKSAR to remain for an extended time. For example, for jobs, studies, or becoming a resident, they must get a valid corresponding visa.

But, if a person comes to Hong Kong from India for most of 14 days. The pre-registration for an online Hong Kong visa is the best choice. Notice that the option of a visa on arrival is no longer open to Indian citizens.

What are the timings and prices of processing?

Your options are here:

  • Standard processing — your notification slide will be sent in 2 days, and you will be paid USD 40.00.
  • Rush processing will take 36 hours for your request to be processed this time, and you need to pay USD 55.00.
  • To receive the registration notice slide, it takes 24 hours, but you will have to pay. But you will need to pay USD 90.00 to collect the registration notification slip.


  • Travelers wishing to visit Hong Kong must have an Indian passport valid. The validity should be at least six months past their expected entry date.
  • The registrant may remain in the HKSAR for a period of up to 14 days per entry on each visit.
  • Upon entry, visitors must leave Hong Kong within 14 days. Visitors can request a stay application extension up to 7 days before their visa expires. If there is a special or urgent need to stay longer.
  • Indian nationals’ pre-arrival registration will be valid for six months. Or until the expiry date of their Indian passport, whichever comes first.
  • Indians can apply for an entry visa from the Hong Kong immigration department. In-person in cases where pre-arrival registration is denied/failed.
  • If, after pre-arrival registration, the applicant renews or replaces his / her Indian passport. Or alters his / her personal information. The person must re-apply for pre-arrival registration using the new accessor’s personal details.
  • We recommend that passengers review their information. Print the paperwork out, and carry a physical copy of it on their journey. Check-in employees at airports can also verify their system’s registration. But we strongly recommend that customers retain a physical or electronic copy.
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