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Rent and housing in Austria

Houses in Austria consist of main flats in the major cities and cottages in less populated areas. Housing tends to be of a high price and standard. However, migrants and ex-pats should be aware that many places are unfurnished when they are sold.

There are different types of houses in Austria, such as houses in the hills and mountains, studio flats, apartments, wood-built lodges, and cottages. If you want to stay somewhere while you find permanent housing in Austria, there is a short-term rental option.

Once you are ready to look for permanent houses and apartments for rent, you will need to know about the average rent in Austria, plus the requirements and documents for renting.

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Housing in Austria

In this section, we tell you how to rent houses and apartments in Austria, a country with progressive housing schemes but also rapidly rising prices in some areas. In Vienna, for example, average real estate prices increased by nearly 10% between 2017 and 2018, partly due to a trend of renovating old apartments.

If you are looking for a stately period property in Austria, Vienna is one of the best places to look and has a range of properties from the 19th and 20th centuries. You will, however, have to pay more than one million euros (1,103,350 USD) to purchase one of these period properties in Vienna.

Your rent may or may not include the cost of services, such as electricity and water. For information on service providers in your region, visit our articles on internet service providers in Canada and utilities in Canada.

In the classifieds section of local newspapers, libraries, and on websites such as Kijiji and Craigslist, you can find houses and apartments for rent in Canada. Also useful are Facebook groups for newcomers to Canada. You can simply walk around your preferred neighborhood in many cities, as landlords will post signs outside of their vacancies available for property advertising.

Average rent in Austria

According to a recent observation in the second quarter of 2019, average rent in Austria, including running costs, was 530 EUR (590 USD) per month and 8 EUR (9 USD) per square meter.

The average rent in Austria in 2018, without running costs, was 385 EUR (425 USD). However, keep in mind that the rent you will pay will vary depending on the province in which you live.

Until offering you a mortgage, landlords may generally request details about your ability to pay rent. Documents that may be sought include:

  • A letter from your current or most recent employer that reveals your annual salary.
  • Bank statement(s) indicating that you have ample funds for a few months to pay rent.
  • References from past tenants.

Many landlords would prefer Canadian paperwork, which for new immigrants can be tedious or difficult. There are landlords out there, however, who are prepared to rent their houses and apartments to newcomers for rent in Canada, so if you don’t succeed at first, keep trying!

How Much is the Monthly Rent in Austria?

Just below, you can find very easily average monthly rents, excluding running costs, for all different types of property in all of Austria’s provinces.

  • Austria: 390 (430 USD)
  • Burgenland: 350 (390 USD)
  • Carinthia: 313 (350 USD)
  • Lower Austria: 350 (390 USD)
  • Upper Austria: 370 (410 USD)
  • Salzburg: 450 (500 USD)
  • Styria: 350 (390 USD)
  • Tyrol: 460 (510 USD)
  • Vorarlberg: 500 (550 USD)
  • Vienna: 390 (430 USD)

Average Living Space

The average living space in Austria is growing. In 2018 it was 100.1 square meters (1,077 square feet), which was up from 99.6 square meters (1,072 square feet) in 2017 and 99.3 square meters (1,069 square feet) in 2016.

Austria Rent Prices

Austrian rent and housing prices are governed by various of things, but they are mostly regulated by the authorities. For example, landlords have choice they can add a location surcharge of 0.33% per square meter.

The Supreme Court demands for certain criteria are met for a surcharge to be added.

Some criteria for comparing areas and deciding whether a location surcharge can be added is:

  • high-density area
  • medium-density area
  • low-density area

Only high-density areas can be compared with other high-density areas, medium-density areas with other medium-density areas, and so on.

Short Term Rentals

As rental leases are usually three years long in Austria, apartments for rent on a short-term lease, where you still sign a rental agreement, do not really exist. If you want to stay somewhere for up to a year (but less than three years) a short-term rental is your best option. InterNations GO! offers a house finding service to help you discover your short or long-term home sweet home abroad.

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