How Much Does It Cost To Travel In The UK? Have A Look!!

Cost of travelling to the United Kingdom for 1 or two weeks, sounds too much familiar, doesn’t it? Also, there are other things that everyone is keen to know about having a trip to the UK. There is an answer to every question. Although there are many other important factors which need to take care of.

These factors depend much on your travel comfort. It’s as simple as that if you want luxury then you may need to put some strain on your pocket. One may travel the UK on the budget also if he/she is willing to lose their comfort. Travelers may also choose public transport to save their money.

While travelling to the UK, one may need to take these things to account for sure. These things will make sure that you’ll save a lot of money while exploring the United Kingdom.

  • Transport
  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Sight-seeing

Well, if you’re an enthusiastic traveller then these tips will make sure that you only focus on your travel.

Cost Of Travelling To UK

1. Transportation Cost for Travelling in the UK

Transport always plays a major role in the expenses on a trip. Talking about the UK, public transport services are very good and they connect to most of the cities. In the UK you may use any public transport services available like buses, trains and flights. There are some of the airlines which are very cheap which will also save your travel time.

If you are the one who prefers to explore the new places by driving, then you may opt to self-driving services also. These self-driving services offer great flexibility and are also very cheaper. These self-driving cars are best suited when you want to explore some places which need to explore. We also prefer public transport when one only needs to travel to popular cities.

Price of Car Rental in the UK

  • Budget: £100 – £150 per week will cost for a small car that is suitable for two to three people and luggage
  • Mid-range: £180 – £350 per week will cost for a mid-range car that will fit four people and luggage
  • High-end: £400 – 600 per week will cost for a small SUV or car capable of carrying more than five people

2. Cost for your Accommodation for a UK Trip

Coming to the accommodation part of your trip which is an essential part of your trip. There are a lot of accommodation options available in the UK which will fit into your pocket for sure. There are also some of the accommodation which may be too heavy on your budget.

Price of Accommodation in the UK

  • Budget: £40 – £100 will cost you for a budget room for two people, usually in the UK most of the hotels would be an en-suite room. Dorm rooms will also be available around £20 – £25 per bed.
  • Mid-range: £150 – £200 may cost you to get a nice room for two in most parts of the country.
  • High-end: £300+ will be your starting point for your luxury. This will cost you a room in a luxury property.

3. Food Costs for a UK Trip

Now, let us come to another essential need for your cost of travelling to UK which is food. There is a lot of cafe and restaurant are available for your need for food. Apart from this one thing which you might need to know for US readers particularly. All the prices listed in the menu included with tax which indicates that you only need to pay what you see.

Price of Dining and Eating-out in the UK

  • Budget: £5 – £10 will be the per-person meal cost at a fast-food restaurant or takeaway style meal.
  • Mid-range: £10 – £30 will be the per person per meal at a mid-range restaurant or nice pub-style meal
    High-end: £35+ will be the cost for per person per meal at a nice restaurant

4. Sight-seeing Costs for a UK Trip

Sight-seeing in the UK is a very essential thing if you are going on a UK trip. The costs of your sight-seeing trip will be varying. These costs will depend on what you interested in seeing. There are lots of free attractions which you may visit to explore the UK. This also includes many museums and outdoor sights, that won’t cost you anything at all.