How Much Will An Italy Trip Costs?

How Much Will An Italy Trip Cost? Let’s Know!

Italy is a country that thousands of people across the globe visit each year. It is famous in the world for its fascinating and beautiful landscapes. This European nation has a reputation for being an expensive place. So Let’s know how much the will trip to Italy cost?

Your trip to Italy should cost roughly €132 ($144) per day. It is the average daily price based on the spending of previous travelers. Previous tourists have spent an average of €36 ($39) on meals and €21 ($23) on local transportation in a single day. Also, the average hotel fee for a couple in Italy is €134 ($146). As a result, a one-week trip to Italy for two persons costs on average €1,852 ($2,015).

How Much Will An Italy Trip Costs?
How Much Will An Italy Trip Costs?

#  There are five main factors that you need to consider for an Italy Trip cost!!

  • Accommodation
  • Transportation
  • Food
  • Activities
  • Entertainment

How Much Will An Italy Trip Costs?


The first item you should think about is the expense of accommodation. Because this is going to be the most expensive part of your trip. In Italy, the average cost of a single night’s stay is €67. The average price of a hotel room for two persons sharing a standard double-occupancy room is €134.
The entire country is well-liked. Also, there are a variety of lodging possibilities. The cost of a hostel bed ranges from €20 to €25. If you’re in Venice, though, this may mean a bed in a dorm with more than 15 people. You should expect to spend the same for a dorm with a lesser capacity in smaller cities too.


The cost of transportation is the second most important factor to consider.

Taxis in Italy are substantially more expensive than public transit. In Italy, prior tourists have spent an average of €21 per person, per day on local transportation. Taxis, local buses, metro, and other modes of transportation can cost you €21.

In major cities such as Rome and Naples. Buses, trams, and the metro are just a few of the public transit alternatives available. If you buy bus tickets, the cost is €1.50.


Italy’s cuisine is both delicious and diverse. It’s also not that pricey. In Italy, the average daily cost of food is €36. An average lunch in Italy should cost roughly €14 per person while dining out. Breakfast is frequently less expensive than lunch or supper. Food at sit-down restaurants in Italy is more expensive than quick cuisine or street food. For the two of them, the bill would be around €30-35. It includes a shared appetizer and a bottle of wine.


If you want to soak in everything of Italy’s wonderful history, art, and culture, this is the place to go.
Italy has a lot of museums to visit. Museum entry prices can vary. And it depends on whether they are government or private Museums.
A museum visit will cost you between €5 and €10.
The following is a list of typical Entertainment costs in Italy. Your expenses will vary depending on your travel style.
  • Archaeology Museum of Bologna (for 2)€12
  • National Gallery Museum Bologna (for 2)€12
  • Food Tour (for 2)€31
  • Hop-on-Hop-off Bus Tour (for 2)€67
  • Wine Tasting Tour (for 2)€115
  • Juliet’s House Entry€4.00
  • Chair & Umbrella at Beach€10
  • Verona Card€10


Aperitivo, or happy hour in Italian, is a fantastic tradition. One may go out for supper a couple of hours prior. Usually between the hours of 6 and 8 p.m. This might be the most cost-effective method of conserving money.

Total Estimated Cost For A Trip To Italy: USD 2,600

The total Estimated Cost is around  $2,600 USD. Airfare is estimated to be around $600.
Accommodation can cost you a total of $1,200 ($120 each day) (approx). Apart from that, you will have to spend $200 on local transport. Food and beverage can cost you 350 dollars (approx).

Estimated cost
Airfare$600 approx
Accommodations$1,200 ($120 per day) (approx)
Local transportation$200 (approx)
Attractions$150 (approx)
Food and drink$350 (approx)
Random spending$100 (approx)

Tips that can help you to save money while traveling to Italy:

In Italy, train travel may be costly. The prices are equal to those found elsewhere in Europe. You’ll generally receive the greatest deals if you buy your tickets in advance. Discount passes are available, but they usually come with restrictions.
The cost of living in southern Italy is lower than in northern Italy. It’s also less crowded. If you want to save money and see a different part of the country, travel to the south. 
If you eat a hearty lunch in a restaurant and then plan a picnic for the evening, you will save money on food. There are several fantastic markets where you can get cheap Italian food and wine. Even if you don’t have access to a kitchen, you can make a delicious supper with these ingredients.
During their travel to Italy, most people visit Florence, Rome, and Venice. Choose at least one off-the-beaten-path tiny town to visit. Spend a day or two wandering the city’s streets and neighborhoods. You’ll have a completely different perspective on the country.

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