How to apply asylum for Cuba?

Although Cuba is a safe place to visit. A journey there may expose you to “minor” crimes including money fraud, pickpocketing, and theft. You should also be aware of health risks such as polluted tap water. Also, mosquito-borne infections, and dangerous road conditions if you drive.

How to Apply?

If a person feels he or she fits the qualifying requirements. He or she can apply for refugee status through the Havana Refugee Section.

Individuals must complete a Preliminary Questionnaire (PDF 65 KB) to apply. That may get obtained from this site or requested in writing. The written request can be dropped off at the Refugee Section’s gate at Malecón and J, faxed to (+53) 7839-4317.

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These can also be sent to:

Embajada de los Estados Unidos
Sección de Refugiados
Calzada e L y M
Vedado, La Habana

Steps For Applying Asylum

1. Preliminary Questionnaire Submission
A completed Preliminary Questionnaire must be sent to the Havana Refugee Section. You can do this via mail, or by fax at (+53) 7839-4317. The questionnaire must cover the refugee applicant’s claim. As well as the spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21. Individuals above the age of 21 or who are married must fill their own questionnaire.
2. Active Case Letter Receipt
A pre-screen interview will be set for an individual who looks to match the qualifying requirements. Those who do not qualify will be sent a letter notifying them that they are ineligible for the program. Applicants are not able to contact to inquire about the progress of their application. They should notify the Refugee Section by phone if their address or phone number changes.

3. Interview for Pre-Screening

When the time comes for a pre-screening interview. The candidate will get contacted by phone or mail a letter. They will request that the appointment got scheduled. The pre-screening interview is used to establish whether a candidate fits the qualifying. Cases that meet the criteria will get scheduled for a second interview with a United States Citizenship.
4. Interview with USCIS
A USCIS official examines the applicant(s) and determines refugee status by Section 101(A)(42) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). For further information, see Please visit their website for more information about USCIS interviews. Follow this link for information about USCIS requests for reconsideration.
Clearance for Security
U.S. law enforcement agencies must conduct a security clearance evaluation on refugee seekers.
Documents for Departure
Refugee applicants must get from Cuban officials the documentation. They are required to leave Cuba and enter the United States. It should include a passport and a medical examination certification.

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