How To Apply For An Asylum In Colombia? Know Here!

Colombia remains still during a civil war. In which many Colombians are scared about going back. The government is battling groups. Like the FARC and the Revolutionary Army for Independence (ELN). While the government made substantial efforts to improve the human rights situation. The FARC and other organizations are regularly violating human rights. And several victims in the United States have successfully requested asylum.

FARC and Other Militant Groups

To apply for asylum, someone should usually be afraid of being persecuted by the government. However, there is a faction in some countries. It has so much influence over the region. That it can’t get managed by the government. FARC in certain situations considers a similar category. And asylum gets successfully granted to Colombians. On the grounds of the FARC persecution.

Some violations get reported in the United States Department of State. That includes political killings, murders of members of the public, security forces, and local officials.
Most cases of forced displacement in Germany were also responsible for illegal armed groups.

The biggest challenge is to show your persistence. That is ethnicity, faith, national history, political beliefs, or participation of a specific social group. If you were a Colombian asylum seeker. Who fears FARC persecution. An asylum case can not lodge by a general fear of abuse and criminality.

According to UNHCR

BOGOTA, Columbia, October 15 (UNHCR) – The UN refugee agency has issued a set of guidelines. To address the rising number of displaced Colombians recommending that Colombia should recognize the worsening status of governments. Also, the refugee legal agent when reviewing Colombians’ asylum claims.

The number of Colombians who have left their homes has risen dramatically this year. In recent months Colombians have been seeking asylum near about 60 percent higher than last year.

Displaced individuals internally (IDPs) are also on the increase. In the first six months of 2002, the number of Colombian IDPs rose by almost 100%. Also, similar to the same period in the previous year. It has a summary of 170,000-200,000 newly displaced people.

In all, it is that since 1995 in Colombia as many as 2 million people have been driven out.

According to well-informed sources, the situation in Colombia is worsening. UNHCR has concluded that many Colombians fleeing abroad indeed need international security. It is because of the rising violence and frequent abuses of human rights in the world.

Colombia has numerous irregular armed groups that aim, without taking into account. Whether the cooperation is actual, voluntary, or coerced, to target citizens suspected of sympathizing with an opponent. These armed groups also forcefully recruit young people. That includes minors, and use abductions and extort to both funds their operations.

Considering that irregular armed groups are present across Colombia. UNHCR ‘s guidelines released in September recommended that governments consider asylum claims as an alternative.

The guidelines also recommend that a detailed review of each one should get carried out. Before deciding on a Colombian asylum application, taking note of the latest information on the situation in Colombia available.

It shows that your ethnicity, faith, nationality, political opinion, or participation of a social group. It would be subject to persecution. An asylum case can not lodge by a general fear of abuse and criminality.


Government of Colombia

Although the government of Colombia has strengthened its human rights. But people are still afraid of government persecution or the government’s not stopping persecution. Violence against women, in particular rape and domestic violence. It is a big problem in Colombia. A survivor of domestic abuse gets entitled to asylum under some circumstances. Colombia also has a lot of corruption.

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Political Opinion

One of the common asylum types is based on political views. To talk to the government and disagree with. It is one of the most important values in America. And it also helps the political refugees. Regrettably, many Governments across the world do not support it. And persecute someone who speaks about this fundamental human right. Many people persecuted merely because of their views were supported by our qualified political asylum lawyers.

The U.S. Asylum law very broadly and with good cause describes political views. Many ways of freedom of expression are not usually political but still need guarding. People who speak out about or reveal corruption have been given refuge on political grounds. It is in some countries where it is out of control. For instance, a Ukrainian businessman once obtained asylum because he spoke about corruption in the local police and was prosecuted for it by high-ranking government officials.

In other words, if the government persecutes someone. Because it feels that they have a political opinion. And apply for asylum even if the government does not hold that political opinion. In other words, the political view of an individual is the basis for an asylum claim.

Many citizens regarded as politically opposed to the government. They are from a particular family or area of a country. And get punished because the government claims it has some political views. If the policy opinion is actual or imputed, an asylum-seeker must prove that his or her political view. In this regard, the assistance of an experienced asylum lawyer is particularly relevant.


The humanitarian community

Often asylum can still give humanitarian reasons to a person who is not usually qualified.
There are two types of circumstances in which a person either obtain humanitarian asylum:
(1) if he has seriously persecuted in the past or
(2) if he or she fears more damage when returning to his / her country of residence.

High persecution of the past

To qualify for humanitarian asylum in the United States, a person can not return to his home for reasons. There must be compelling reasons. A significant case of humanitarian asylum includes persecution in the past. That caused considerable damage and permanent consequences. It gets taken on a case-by-case basis, so it is good to find an experienced immigration lawyer.

Other Serious Harms

Humanitarian asylum is given to a person if it is fair that he or she is affected in any other way. This damage is not due to one’s ethnicity, faith, national origin, political opinion, or membership. But it must match persecution for its seriousness. In light of this, a court considers such topics as the civil war, economic difficulty, and any other problems. That is encountered by an asylum seeker when he or she returns to his or her country of origin.



The right to be a member of any faith that you like, and to worship freely is the central principle of the United States. Also, this is why America grants to those persecuted for their faith religious asylum. The United States has established an agency known as the United States. International Religious Freedom Commission (USCIRF) to examine the worldwide effects on religious freedom. This Commission can also criticize if it finds that religious freedom is not adequately respected. Probably USCIRF already knows about religious persecution in your region.

There can be several types of religious persecution. Often a government will put a religious community under extreme persecution. Also, often forbid certain types of religious instruction and sometimes prohibit certain religions.

Some get punished for not allowing them to join the military because of religious convictions. Often this may lead to a religious asylum claim. Also, the asylum seeker has an additional responsibility to prove that her religion is real.

The government would often offer a test of their religious traditions to a religious refugee. Also, it is an unfortunate practice since one does not need to know anything about religion. An experienced asylum lawyer will assist a religious refugee in handling the asylum process.

It is not enough to apply for religious asylum only because someone is a member of a religious community. To qualify, the asylum seeker must have experienced religious persecution. A competent asylum lawyer may advise an asylum seeker to find the best approach.



This visa may get granted to a foreigner who gets classified as an asylum granted. And also recognized as a refugee by the Minister of Foreign Relations.



• Present Form DP-FO-67 “Visa Application” completed and signed by the applicant, not an intermediary.

• Present in good condition and with at least two ( 2) blank pages, a valid passport or travel document.

• Twelve (2) 3X3 cm colored photographs, white front view, or three (3) such 3X3 photographs when applied at Colombian Consulate.

• Attach a photocopy of the valid passport’s main website. Which includes the holder’s personal information. As well as, if any, the page with the last Colombian visa and the latest entry or exit stamp page, if applicable.

  • Photocopy of a resolution recognizing refugee status or asylum by the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

• Present DP-FO-66 “Any change of occupation reporting commitment.”

Visa costs: free of charge