How to apply for asylum Croatia?

How to apply for asylum in Croatia?

If you wish to apply for asylum, you must state your need for asylum/protection and explain why. You can also write down your request for asylum and the reasons for it, sign it, and give it to a police officer. This can be done in any language. You have the right to an interpreter during the police interview. Show the police officer any identity documents you have or those that support your claim.

What happens next?

Police will take your fingerprints and, if you are over the age of 14, photograph you after you have stated that you require protection. The Ministry of the Interior will issue you an official note confirming your status as an asylum seeker and will direct you to report to an asylum seeker reception centre within a certain time frame, usually 48 hours. This stage is commonly referred to as ‘expressing an intention to seek asylum.’

If you are under the age of 18 and have arrived in Croatia alone, notify the authorities/police immediately so that a guardian can be appointed for you. During the asylum process, your guardian will protect your rights. If you are under the age of 18, please click here for more information on the asylum procedure.

After being placed in the Reception Centre for Asylum Seekers, asylum officials from the Ministry of the Interior will invite you to an interview in the presence of an interpreter to formally submit your asylum application. Your asylum application will be officially recorded during the interview. You must provide your personal information, describe how you arrived in Croatia, and explain why you are seeking protection.

Legal Aid / Counselling

The official who speaks to you when you express your desire to seek asylum is obligated to inform you of the asylum procedure. During the interview/when submitting an official application for asylum, asylum officials from the Ministry of the Interior will also provide you with more detailed information.

You can hire an attorney/lawyer if you have sufficient funds. You have the right to legal information about your case, which can be provided to you by an asylum official or a legal non-governmental organisation (NGO) that provides services in your reception centre.

You can contact UNHCR partner Croatian Law Centre.

Identity Documents

Following the submission of your asylum application, the Ministry of the Interior will issue you an asylum seeker’s identity card (ID), which you must always carry with you.